Neither snow nor rain nor…

March 30, 2010 at 4:46 pm | Posted in economy, government spending, humor, I'm just saying, political | 2 Comments
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… heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  They forgot to add Saturday.  It looks like the post office will cease Saturday mail delivery starting next year.  Why?  Not enough money.

As far as I’m concerned they could also stop delivery on Monday through Friday.  I once asked the clerk in the post office if there was a form of some sort that would allow me to opt out of the postal system.  He got that look on his face that people get when they think you are crazy.  I’m just trying to save trees and more importantly clear the clutter of paper on and around my desk.

I have come to the conclusion that most of the problems and annoyances in life start as a piece of mail.  The only things I receive in the mail are bills and junk advertising.  The latter I can cut down on for short periods of time by using the post paid return envelope and taking all the materials that came with it and stuff them in that post paid envelop; and other random bits of junk mail that may not have had the post paid option, and drop the over-stuffed envelop back in the mail drop.  When they have to pay the extra postage and didn’t convert me into a paying customer they cross me off their lists.

As computers became smaller and accessible the average Joe, the big pitch was how we would become a paperless society.  Instead computers gave companies the ability to print out multi-page billing statements that no one understands, including the employees in the billing departments of the companies from which they were sent.  I think their customer service agents are deliberately kept in the dark about their companies’ billing practices so that we will learn not to bother calling to question a bill and just fork over whatever amount is on the bottom line.

I receive my mail at a post office box, for which I pay a yearly fee.  For my fee I have to drive to the post office and pick up my mail.  But, the post office sends out vehicles and people to bring the mail to your home or business at no charge.  Each of the vehicles costs money to buy and maintain.  Each of the employees driving the delivery vehicles, or on foot delivery personnel, receives a paycheck, socialized government health care, and other costly benefits.  I think it should be the other way around.  If I were starting a delivery business and I went to the bank with this as my business plan I’d be laughed out the door.

I’m just saying.



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  2. Right, because the government should be run like a business, and there’s no possible value in having the government perform a service for us which a business would not perform.

    Why do people still take those ideas seriously? Businesses suck — they fill our lives with stupidity and nepotism and garbage and corruption, and something like 90% of them fail. Some of us appreciate being able to send things across the country for less than the $6 or so that corporate delivery services charge, thank you very much.

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