The Irony of Pro-Life

March 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm | Posted in god, health care, hypocrisy, Religion, stupidity | 4 Comments
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When I get up in the morning I sometimes listen to the Stephanie Miller show.   The discussion. including callers, usually revolves around the political issue/s of the day, though done with humor.  The topic of discussion this morning was health care reform.  A male caller insisted the bill was laden with abortion funding and went on to state that pro-choice was really pro-abortion and that pro-choicers like to and are encouraged to kill children.  Yep, any nut-job with a phone can get airtime.

I don’t think women who chose abortion make the choice lightly.  It is an extremely difficult decision that should be made not by religious groups, politicians, men, or anyone other than the woman herself.  There are those that are pro-choice but are actually against abortion, though still believe in the individual’s right to choose.

If any group has misnamed itself it is the pro-lifers.  In truth they are not pro-life at all, but pro-fetus.  On the issue of the day, health care, one of the arguments or fears of those opposed is that it might include funding for abortions, therefore we should leave the status quo; and continue to allow the 45,000 plus people to die each year because they cannot afford health care.  The pro-fetus folks do not seem to give a rat’s ass about their lives.

To say that one is pro-life should be all-encompassing, not the pro-selective-life that is their modus operandi.  In addition to the unborn, nonviable cells they so vocally seek to protect they should value all life.  This would include the already born, the animals that many of them kill just for the fun of it, and that pesky fly or mosquito you swat because it is annoying you.  These all represent life that you claim to be proponents of because life is sacred.  So I strongly suggest we drop the façade and start calling the pro-lifers what they are, pro-fetus hypocrites.



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  1. On second thought, I think pre-life would best describe the self proclaimed pro-lifers. Those on the left are the true pro-lifers as we are concerned about those that are already born and alive…we’d like to keep them that way.

  2. A high proportion of “Pro-Lifers” are also in favour of an assortment of military actions. People get killed in those but that doesn’t appear to matter.

    I have two words – cognitive dissonance!

    • Cognitive dissonance is a requirement to be part of the “moral majority” right wing movement. And for the next four years, until the section of the health care bill regarding pre-existing conditions goes into effect (if it ever does), cognitive dissonance should be considered a pre-existing condition and used as grounds to deny coverage.

  3. […] signed the health care bill and before the ink was dry the Christian, right-wing-nut, republican, pre-lifers (see first comment) went berserk.  Elected officials who voted for the bill have been targeted […]

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