For Access to Health Care try Death Row

March 11, 2010 at 6:50 am | Posted in health care, sick & Twisted, stupidity | 7 Comments
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It’s official, we are a nation of idiots.  If there is common sense left anywhere in the U.S.  it is a well kept secret.  This is what I was thinking the other day when I posted the story of the indecent snow-woman that elicited complaints to the police.

Yesterday morning, half listening to the radio while doing other things, I heard the story of a death row inmate who had taken an overdose of pills in an attempted suicide.  The way you or I feel about capital punishment is, at the moment, irrelevant.  The inmate was scheduled for execution either that day or very soon (as I said, I was only half listening).  He was granted a stay of execution and taken to the medical center where they plan to keep him until his health is stable, so he will be healthy enough to be executed.  I’m having trouble with this concept because sick people die all the time, so why does someone facing execution have to be at the peak of good health to die?

Is this how it works on death row?  I’m imagining the following scenario:  Your number is up, your time has come, they deliver the last meal as you’ve ordered it and you say, “Hey guys, you know what, I’m not feeling so good, I don’t even think I can eat this food I’m so sick to my stomach.  Can we just do this execution another day when I’m feeling a little better?”

Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony here?  The guy, who was due to die, tries to off himself and they save his life because…what they don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of killing him and maybe save some ever more scarce tax dollars.

The constant debate for the past year has been health care reform.  Huge numbers of people die, in this country, because they cannot afford medical care, yet we give it to someone we are about to kill.



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  1. Head scratching and exasperated sighs don’t seem to be enough here – – –

  2. Jeg er en mand 65 år. pensioneret tjenestemand , har en dejlig familie – er meget glad og tilfreds – har et dejligt liv med min kone og vores børn/børnebørn – har have som hobby…

  3. Glæder mig over at være sammen med familien – venner – hobby have – facebook.
    er en glad personlighed

  4. Jeg foretager motion hver dag – er lidt overvægtig, men har det godt

  5. Mit sind er lyst

  6. This have to be the best site ever.

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