Snow WOMAN Victim of Sexual Discrimination

March 4, 2010 at 10:26 am | Posted in civil liberties, Religion, stupidity | 5 Comments
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A family sculpted, not the usual three ball, naked snow MAN but a pretty nice, Venus de Milo snow woman.  It attracted a lot of attention and an anonymous complaint (my guess is from righteously offended Christian) to the local police who asked the family to cover the sculpture.

I’m not sure this is a good use of police department time, resources, and personnel.  In this economic climate when most communities are strapped for money this is how some nimrod decides to waste the taxpayers’ money. I think the cops have better things to do with their time.  There is nothing obscene, in fact it is quite beautifully done.  I think snow women should have the same right to be naked as snow men.  Take a look at the before and after pictures and decide which one you think is more obscene.



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  1. Oh dear. It is just as well that God made sure that Christians aren’t naked under their clothes.

  2. […] kept secret.  This is what I was thinking the other day when I posted the story of the indecent snow-woman that elicited complaints to the […]

  3. Meh…I am one of those prudish Christians…I am still not seeing anything wrong with the the original. It is just a shape like a mannequin. It is nothing more than what you see in a department store. It’s not like it is detailed, or something you would have to turn the kids heads from. My guess is more like a neighbor that is disgruntled over not being invited to the local block parties. There’s one in every group.

  4. sure blame the Christians…easy target !! Catch a grip !!

    • I can’t imagine anyone else ignorant enough to register such an inane complaint about a snow sculpture. Christians have been known for bitching and moaning about these kinds of things so I’m pretty sure it’s a safe assumption so maybe YOU should catch a grip.

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