Born to Be Wild

March 3, 2010 at 1:11 am | Posted in animals, Entertainment, News | 2 Comments
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I was reading the news story about the Sea World trainer killed by a whale.  I am saddened, the woman surely suffered a horrible death, however, she assumed the risk when she decided to become a wild animal trainer.

Last year a woman’s life was horribly changed forever when she was attacked by her friend’s pet chimpanzee.  Sadly a beautiful animal was killed as a result.  All too often the news of a wild animal attack is cause for people to be outraged; they lay blame with the animal, and an innocent life comes to a tragic end.

The fact that they are wild animals should be fair warning that the odds of being maimed or killed are fairly high should one try to fit them into a life as a domesticated animal companion.  Watching ocean dwellers as well as land animals in their natural habitats, to me, is a wondrous thing to behold.  I don’t understand why this is not enough.  Why do people need to be entertained by these creatures who are forced to perform tricks and live a captive life, so foreign to their nature?  This stresses the hell out of the poor animals that it surprises me these attacks don’t happen more often.  I have to wonder about those who keep “exotic” pets like chimps, that so many people fail to realize are not cute little monkeys but are considered one of the great apes; or other animals one might see only on safari in Africa.  Is it an ego thing, having dominion over something wild and beautiful?  Imagine being forced to live in an environment entirely unsuitable to your  nature, even if you were loved and cared for how well do you think you would cope?  I imagine these exotic pets suffer the same stresses as animals forced to perform for our delight and pleasure.

When the stress becomes too great they react,  and when they do someone gets hurt, or dies.  All too often when this happens a beautiful, innocent animal is destroyed because those who would use them, privately or for entertainment,  blame the animal.

Animals are not on this earth to line the pockets of those who exploit them for our entertainment.  They are part of nature and should be left to live in their natural habitats and engage in their natural behaviors in peace.


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  1. The Bible teaches us that we DO have dominion over animals. God created them for humans to use however we want.

  2. Some people, Melissa, read the Bible to say that we are stewards of the earth, not its masters. It’s a matter of mistranslation. Thus God gave us this beautiful creation to take care of, and we’ve wrecked it. If I were God, I’d be pissed.

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