Hater Heatedly Harangues Honjii

January 19, 2010 at 5:53 am | Posted in Atheism | 6 Comments

How’s that for alliteration?  The other day, in the comments section of Pavlov’s Republicans, a visitor alerted me to the fact that I have a “fan”.  I clicked the link to find a blog, still in its infancy (in more ways than one), entitled, I Hate Honjii.

The blog is run by Melissa who says this about herself and the purpose of her blog:

I am a good Christian who loves My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Honjii is an evil heathen and she is against God. I know God wants me to speak out against her and her kind. Last night God gave me a sign that the way He wants me to do this is to start a blog against her.

She seems sincere enough though not very bright (why am I not surprised).  I didn’t know whether to just ignore it and see what happens with it…but how would I have any fun if I did that?  Not only does Melissa hate me, but she hates everyone I like, starting with my blogroll.  As I am the subject of her blog, for reasons unknown to me, she hates me the most.  Woohoo, I win!  Shouldn’t I receive some sort of blogger award for that?  We all know that good Christians are taught to hate, but most of them call it by other names, enabling them  to keep the fantasy alive.

On her blog, rather than a blogroll she has a list called, Other Blogs I Hate,  which have been taken from my blogroll.  As a test, I added a new blog, to mine,  and discovered that within a few hours it appeared on her hate list.

Here’s my plan…this should really screw with her…though if her head explodes I take no responsibility…that’s in the hands of whatshisfaceinthesky.  I’m going to visit her blog, tell her I bear her  no ill will, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Then to show her how open minded I am I will tell her I’m adding her to my blogroll.  I can’t wait to see if she will continue her practice of gleaning from my blogroll to garner blogs she hates.  Will she add her own blog to her hate list and hate herself, or be quickly exposed as a hypocrite going against what she has described as her modus operandi?  Oh wait, that would describe most of what religion is about anyway, so no big deal.

Let the games begin.



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  1. Congratulations. Hey, maybe you could set up some sort of weekly “most hated atheist” award, based on Google searches or something.

  2. Can you put me on your blog role so that she can hate me too?

    Last night God gave me a sign that the way He wants me to do this is to start a blog against her.

    Which just goes to show, as I like to argue, a lot of religious belief ends up being an exercise in human egocentrism. God ends up being a mental construct to provide the believer with a sense of validation and purpose without which they fear they will drift aimlessly through life.

    • It’s done, prepare to be hated, though, I doubt Melissa will be able to understand your comment as it is written above a third grade reading level.

  3. Yep, I’m on her blogroll. I saw her first through a referral link.

    At first I thought the whole blog was a joke, esp. since she was using double negatives and then calling “other kinds of people” ignorant (who use the phrase “baby daddy”). Wow. Must really be something to live a parody. She’s really giving Christians an even better name, eh? Yeah, that’s what God wants, for her to display her ignorance so everyone can have their idea of Christians being reactionary uneducated racists enforced.

  4. You know, I know a bit about Christianity (the real stuff is actually not a bad way to live one’s life, witness folks like Monte Asbury, who’s on my blogroll under “Christians Worth Knowing”), and it’s got to do with love, not hate. Oh, the irony…even the title of her blog shows that she’s a shitty Christian.

  5. As I told her I’m crushed… Nothing like a young moronic nubile republican to help me get my second wind…

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