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January 6, 2010 at 5:32 am | Posted in health care, insanity, News, sick & Twisted, social comment, strange news, stupidity | 1 Comment
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If you don’t know who Octomom is you’ve probably been living under a rock.  I wrote a post, almost a year ago when Nadya Suleman, already a mother of six, gave  birth to a litter octuplets.  Without knowing anything else about the woman, that alone should have given us a clue she wasn’t playing with a full deck.  Watching a few interviews with her confirmed, in my opinion, there was (still is, no doubt) definitely something not quite right about her.  In my previous post, I also had serious questions about the ethics of the physician who planted the baby seeds in the garden of crazy.

This morning I noticed blurb in the local paper that the California Medical Board accused Dr. Michael Kamrava of gross negligence for implanting a high number of embryos, administering high doses of fertility medication, and failing to refer her to a mental health professional.  I think they should add that he failed to get his own head examined…what the Hell was he thinking?  Maybe the two of them were going for Guinness Book records.

In my opinion her fitness as a mother should also be called into question, if it hasn’t already, by Child Protective Services

If you are interested you can read the original complaint here.


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