Fear of Flying (Naked)

December 31, 2009 at 1:27 pm | Posted in I'm just saying, terrorism | 4 Comments
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I’m a little concerned about what might happen going through security for a flight I’ll be taking in about a month or so.  Since 9/11 the rules for boarding airplanes have changed, and changed again.  Shortly after 9/11 I remember heading to my gate, seeing a sign posted listing items prohibited on planes.  It was disappointing to find a leaf blower on the list, because I don’t know about you, but I feel naked without mine when I travel.

Speaking of naked.  I remember when they caught the shoe bomber on a plane, and thanks to him we are now required to take our shoes off before going through security.  Then someone boarded a plane with two seemingly innocent liquids that could be mixed together to form an explosive and next thing you know the airlines banned liquids.  So now a guy, who by all accounts, raised every red flag one could raise, yet managed to board a plane with explosives in his underwear, which unfortunately didn’t blow (no pun intended) his male parts to bits,  so what now?  I see the handwriting on the wall.  Will we be required to exchange our shoes and our undies for paper substitutes?  Ewwww!

I bet when your mother told you to always wear clean underwear she had no idea how important that advice would become.  Maybe I’ll take the train.

I’m just saying…



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  1. I just have to wonder — when is the tipping point when people decide not to fly. HOw much abluse can we take?

    • A couple of people I spoke with today said they welcomed and hoped we would institute full body scans, believing that would make us safer in the skies.

      While they have come up with all kinds of ideas for screening passengers, at one time – maybe still true – there was no screening of checked baggage which could be carrying anything, nor were they making sure that any person checking a bag did, in fact, also board the plane.

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