9-11 NOT a Terrorist Attack

November 29, 2009 at 7:24 am | Posted in Bush, crooks & liars, government, Obama, political, Republicans, stupidity, terrorism, tragedy | 14 Comments
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The following video brings to mind these possibilities:

  • Dana Perino is really really STUPID
  • Dana Perino thinks the rest of us are stupid
  • Dana Perino is delusional and should be committed immediately
  • Dana Perino slipped and perhaps said something she shouldn’t have.  If there were no terrorist attacks during the Bush administration then what was 9-11 who was really behind the attacks?


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  1. My attention was drawn to the two males on air with her. Neither one so much as blinked an eye at her comment. Did they agree with her or were they to engrossed in their own agendas to notice?

    • I have no doubt they agreed with her.

  2. […] on November 30, 2009 by archiearchive FCD I wandered over to honjii’s blog today, as is my […]

  3. Hey, Honjii, for those who don’t know (as you like to point out how many ignorant people tehre are) that Dana Perino was the White House Press Secretary for GW Bush.

  4. The missing phrase was “since 911.” Kinda obvious, no?

    • No, I don’t think it is obvious at all, I think Ms. Perino said exactly what she meant. And, as Archie pointed out

      My attention was drawn to the two males on air with her. Neither one so much as blinked an eye at her comment.

      You appear to make assumptions about what people mean to say, like your assumption that what I write on this blog indicates that I “despise the U.S.” That makes me think of that old saying about when you assume…well you’re so good at reading what isn’t there I’m guessing you know how the rest of the saying goes.

      • Why are you so defensive? I’m not attacking you. Just pointing out that anyone can accidentally botch the intent of a comment.

  5. Bunk, I am a big fan of both Honjii and Archie. I read both blogs, and some other ones too, on a regular basis and I comment every now and then, when I have something to say. I think your name says it all, Bunk is what we say when we are thinking something is not true as in “that’s just a bunch of bunk”. I don’t see how you think Honjii despises her country or that she is being defensive just because you just can’t seem to handle her intelligent, sharp and witty responses. But since you think you know better than she does what is in her mind and her heart maybe you should open a Psychic hotline where you can spout a bunch of bunk to suckers willing to hand over their money to hear it.

  6. Monique–

    Wow. I make a comment that everyone makes errors when speaking, and you get your panties in a wad, a-stompin’ and a-spittin’ like a troll.

    I’ve not disparaged Archie nor Honjii, I respect them both. Chill, sister.

    • I’ve been following these threads and I think Monique has a point. At least twice, that I found, you accused Honjii of despising her country, and you don’t think that is disparaging? I’ve read most of Honjii’s posts and I don’t see any evidence that she despises her country. She writes stuff that makes people think, some of it is funny, and some is sarcastic or ironic, and some is serious but I guess you maybe can’t comprehend that. You did not ask but I will tell you anyway How I would improve the U.S., I would start by making you leave it.

      • Oh yeah, one more thing, I think your comment to Monique was very disrespectful.

      • Contrarian, although I admit my comments were on the brash side, Monique stooped to name calling. Honjii bashes the US on a regular basis, and it’s not the first time I’ve called her out. I probably shouldn’t waste my time with her. All in fun.

  7. @Bunk, I have bashed people, politicians, in particular our former president, policies; but I have not bashed our country. If that is what you take away from reading my blog and truly think my posts indicate hatred of the U.S. I can’t help that, other than to say that is not the case, though you will believe whatever you want. However it is our duty as citizens to question our government; that is what keeps us free.

    Perhaps since you are of the opinion that I continuously indicate hatred of my country you could point to some quotes from specific posts to back up your assertion, I’m very curious to know what I said that gave you this impression.

    I apologize for Monique, when I see name calling I will usually edit it out of a comment or remind people to be respectful when they disagree. However, I find irony in the fact that you use Monique’s name calling and my so called continuously bashing the U.S. as an excuse to sink to the level of being disrespectful.

  8. honjii– Respect is earned, not granted. In any case, I’ll politely bow out here. Sorry to get your readers in an uproar over what amounts to nothing.

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