Tea Party – Everyone is Invited

September 25, 2009 at 12:59 am | Posted in Obama, PhotoShop Fun, political, president, sick & Twisted, stupidity | 34 Comments
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I don’t think any comment is needed after watching the video below.



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  1. That video is wrong in so many ways. So is “dust for brains” Beck!

    • Dust implies there is something inside his skull. I think you are being way too generous.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with that man. Hopefully the PETA folks will get on his case. I can’t believe he generates enough interest to keep him on the air. Must be a lot of people with (like Archie says) dust for brains out there watching.

  3. i don’t think Beck put the frog in the boiling water, i think what really happened is when the frog found himself in the presence of Beck it committed suicide.

  4. Sadly, I saw the show … it was a plastic frog … lol … Beck tends to be dramatic with his presentations which I tend to enjoy. After all didn’t Hillary tell us that dissent is patriotic … oh that’s right, only when it comes from one side of the political spectrum.

    Anyway, we both know that the state of American Politics is the historic Abbott and Costello skit “Who’s On First”. The Federal Government’s role is not to guarantee anything other than protect the country from foreign invaders and manage the currency.

    Over the course of two hundred or so years, the Federal government has grown to a point where you can’t even die in peace anymore without some Federal Official wanting to split the 2 coins placed on your eyes for the ‘boatman’.

    Health Care is not a ‘right’, it is an industry (more like the Army Corps of Engineers trying to build a jetty to prevent sand from being brought out to sea). Health Insurance is not a ‘right’, it is an industry (actually more like a weekend in Atlantic City). In one breath czars want zero population growth, then in the next breath they want to keep you alive until they extract every cent you have immediately followed by farming your organs for stem cell research.

    The point is actually quite simple, the country was founded on a deep seeded ‘distrust’ of Government. People want to ‘Live Free or Die’. The last thing we need is Federal Officials telling us we have to have Health Insurance (or they will fine us thereby making us all criminals). Or better still we have to eat cabbage because it is a better choice than McDonald’s.

    Never lose sight of the fact that Businesses, Governments, Unions, or organizations representing segments of a population, all operate based on self-interest. And right now, their primary interest is to legally pick your pocket in an effort to guarantee their own existences.

    • @ Phil,
      I beg to differ. Health care IS a right and if it isn’t it should be. How can you compare health care to a business that builds bridges or jettys. And another thing, this country was NOT founded on a deep seated distrust of government, but there has been so much corruption in government from early on that earned and then fostered that mistrust. You sound like you could be working on Fox, I mean Faux news.

      • LOL …. no, I don’t work for Fox, but after watching the ‘Down-Stream’ Media’s coverage of this administration I am amazed Fox is only commanding 50% of the news market share …

    • Phil, you are right, health care is an industry and sadly the US is the only country where profit is made from people being sick.

    • @Phil,
      Since you think health care is not right I can only assume you believe that it is OK that people die, every day, in this country because they cannot afford health care.

      • Sadly honji, people die every day for any number of reasons. Everyone has access to Health Care in this country (even if it is through an emergency room).

        The cost is the issue, how it is paid for and how families manage the expected (preventive) and unexpected (catastrophic) costs.

        I just believe that asking the government to manage this is like asking the wolves to manage the hen house.

  5. This Phil guy must be a ‘republican’ in their narrow minded thinking to be able to reduce the ‘founding of our country’ to a simplistic ‘distrust’ of government. Perhaps he should reread the Declaration of Independence again, if he ever read it; or, for that matter, the Constitution. These are the ‘real’ declarative principles upon which this country was founded. Read them again, folks, then maybe you will be able to understand what the Preamble to the Constitution says and means: ‘We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.’ Read it slowly and thoughtfully, Mr. Phil, and maybe, just maybe, you will begin to see that, in fact, that the people of the United States chose to form an actual government and a government of laws with which to better themselves and their posterity. Let’s all start ‘thinking’ again.

    • I have read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and a fair number of books on the subject authored by those on the right and those on the left and those in the middle (oh you missed the Articles of Confederation too).

      Hint: the word “promote” does not actually mean ‘pay for’ “the general welfare”. Meanwhile “insure domestic tranquility” and “provide for the common defense” seems to be the primary purpose of this government we were suppose to be forming.

      And by the way I don’t see Health Care in there.

      • Geezey jones what have you got against health care? Just because it doesn’t specifically say health care doesn’t mean that isn’t something that promotes the well being. And the government doesn’t “pay” for anything we get, our tax money does…so WE pay for it.

      • I did not miss the Articles of Confederation, or the Federalist Papers, or the Magna Carta, or the Ten Commandments. These are all irrelevant to the issue at hand; which is the actual documents that were ultimately created and signed at the time. It is these two documents (DofC and C) that formally established this country based on laws between ‘the people’ (men, and women, ultimately).
        Is it your selective republican brain cells that chooses the word ‘promote’ out of all the phrases in the Preamble to single out as proof-positive that the government has no responsibility for providing health care for its citizens? And, is it your selective interpretation and contention that the Preamble ‘plays favorites’ within its phraseology? Let’s see here, genius, the (partial) statement is WE THE PEOPLE (I think this means everyone), ESTABLISH justice, INSURE domestic tranquility, PROVIDE for the common defense, PROMOTE the general welfare, and SECURE the blessings of liberty to OURSELVES and our POSTERITY… I think the primary purpose of this government is ALL OF THE ABOVE! Of course there is no ‘pay for’-IT’S A PREAMBLE! Which is to say that these are the goals, desires and intentions of the PEOPLE to which it applies. And, by the way, ‘health care’ as we know it, did not exist in those days. People died without the possibility of being treated like we can be treated today.

  6. By the way … health care always existed …

    With the introduction of Social Security in the 1930s and Medicare in the 1960s the concept of Retirement and Insurance have been completely bastardized in a way as to purchase votes from the government treasury.

    Rather than striving for individual financial accountability, security and taking individual responsibility for ones health consideration, we have bestowed upon the government the responsibilities for worrying about it for a long time now.

    It does not surprise me that that 95% of the national wealth is owned by 5% of its population, when 95% of the population are waiting for the government to fix a problem that they created.

    Just so you understand this clearly, the Medical and Insurance Industries are the most regulated industries in the country. From the procedures you get at a hospital to the drugs you take to kill an infection to the forms you fill out to process a claim.

    So please do not tell me the government is worried about my prosperity (unless they want their cut of it) or my security
    or my health. They are only concerned about getting past the next election with as little fanfare as possible. And if that requires a payoff or a bailing out the ‘Down-Stream’ Media …then so be it.
    After all … its not their money they are spending.

  7. I was just trying to have a nice little tea party and all hell broke loose. Who’da thunk it?

  8. “health care always existed”? are you kidding me?! Like when they drilled holes in your head to cure headaches?! I think this is the time period you must live in because surely you have a few holes in your head already if you ‘think’ that healthcare as we know it always existed. And, by the way it was Roosevelt who started social security to “insure, provide, and promote” for “the People” during the great depression and it was Johnson who started medicare to do similar. Why don’t you try an experiment and fill those ‘holes’ (from the drilling) in your head with the idea of completely deleting social security and medicare from the federal budget. Let’s see-there would be a hell of a lot of money to do something with. Oh yes, the Republicans would give it back to the people by lowering taxes and reduce the size of government and everything would be just ‘peachy keen fine’. Oh, and the people making $70k a year and under would have a few hundred extra dollars for the year because there would be no social security and medicare taxes. They could use that money to buy private (PROFIT MOTIVATED) health insurance that is created by the ‘well to do’ people who are looking for a ‘good’ investment. Gee, I think there is a vested interest here. What is wrong with this picture? Is this consistent with the Preamble to the Constitution? I don’t think so. What I think is the ONE basic thing that people like you, the so-called CEO’s, self starters and entrepreneurs are conveniently forgetting is that while you may be the originators of ideas and businesses YOU CAN’T IMPLEMENT them by yourself! You must have the workers to do this. It is a PARTNERSHIP in the truest sense! Ah, you think, but there are so many workers that you can just pick and chose and leave the others to fend for themselves while you pay your execs huge salaries and commissions and stock options to buy all the expensive things which provide jobs for all the little people who can’t afford health insurance because as stock holders you want a high ROI. I could go on, but I’m afraid the ‘holes’ (from the drilling) are overflowing with rational thoughts.

    • lol … now, where did I put that drill bit ???

      Scientific progress like medical progress is subject to the time period in which you live. If you lived in the 14th century and was sick and went to a doctor, he may have applied leeches to you in order suck out the bad blood … lol … just because you arrogantly believe medicine REALLY only start recently, then I guess the reason 25% of the population died as a result of the black plague was because they did not have health care, excuse me, health insurance.

      The problem is the cost of health care and health insurance and the government has been knee deep regulating the medical and insurance industry for well over a century now. The issue is managing the costs through competition, not regulating them.

      Your rambling about ‘Partnerships’ between business owners and workers is pretty feeble. What exists between an employer and employee is an employment contract (be it written or verbal) and both operated based on profit motives; needed skills being offered based on the supply and demand of those skills.

      While our Government must play a vital role in the successful development of our society, it cannot be the sole purpose of our society. Our founding documents make the distinction that We The People run the show … not We The Government (or King, or Junta, or Only the Smart Ones, Or Only the Enlightened Ones).

      While businesses and people need to be responsible, discovery and growth is both exciting and painful; just ask any woman who gave birth to a child (or a father who watched what the birthing process did to their child’s mother) or a business owner that gave birth to any business.

      • It’s very typical of Republiconos with holes in their heads (because their brain is like a colander from the drilling)to intentionally leave out or unintentionally filter what someone says and then ramble based on what’s left. In your diatribe you reiterate from my blog that “…you (me) arrogantly believe medicine REALLY only start recently…”, but what I actually said was “…health care, as we know it…” – that’s ‘AS WE KNOW IT’. PLEASE, respond to what I actually said.
        You say, “…THE PROBLEM IS the cost of health care and health insurance” and you go on to say that “…THE ISSUE IS managing the costs through competition, not regulating them.” But what you and the Republicanonos FORGET is what exists first and foremost-THE PEOPLE (as in ‘WE THE PEOPLE’) who happen to get sick AND NEED MEDICAL CARE TO SURVIVE TO FILL THOSE JOBS THAT ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF OUR ECONOMY THAT fosters our free enterprise system. And, as the Preamble states “…to provide for the general welfare…to secure the blessings of liberty…” our government which, as you say (and I agree), “…must play a VITAL ROLE in the successful development of our society…” should and must establish the framework for OUR ‘general welfare’ to flourish. This means to me, and I believe most of the American People believe, first and foremost, the creation of a DELIVERY SYSTEM for medical care that is FREE of the profit motive. It is also a profound moral issue-the well being of our people, our children and parents and grandparents and neighbor and worker, etc. It should NOT be about the well being of the profit motivated health insurance industry. It should be about the betterment of the medical delivery system that already exists-MEDICARE for all of us.

  9. Without getting into the parsing of words, you want a free ride.

    You can play with Preamble of the Constitution to your hearts content. The Federal Government is directly responsible for 2 things; securing the borders and insuring domestic stability (which has more to do with maintaining a stable economy and public order between the States). Promoting the general welfare is broadly interpreted as its regulatory role. And historically (or hysterically), this phrase has been used by the courts to fancy themselves legislators (from time to time).

    While I personally feel the biggest change in the health insurance industry that would significantly help, would be to allow insurance to be purchased across State lines. In 1996, the Dole-Kennedy Legislation effectively made pre-existing conditions portable (the problem with that legislation is that it did not cover the condition of a complete loss of insurance beyond COBRA).

    As the Tea Party Movement validly points out, the Money is not infinite, we work for ourselves and our families first and foremost, and it is not charity if contributions are mandatory. If a tax is levied, then it better be for something that benefits all of us otherwise the tax is confiscatory, biased and discriminatory.

    Over 84% of the public has some form of insurance so I’d suggest the government spend a little more time figuring out how to get the other 16% employed. Because stealing a half billion dollars from Medicare to pay for this fiasco is going to ensure the seniors will all be told to take the blue pill.

    • You know, for a brief moment I thought the remaining non-holes of your brain had some intelligence left with which to THINK! But, alas, I am shown otherwise. Uh, I think you need to look up the word parsing, dude. And, you think I want a free ride? No, I have no problem paying my fair share of taxes, and a little extra too, if need be, so that someone I don’t know (but still a loved one for someone else) doesn’t have to die because of some rich SOB who has stashed his ‘hard earned cash’ in Switzerland without paying any taxes. And, excuse me, but the Preamble stands by itself in its FULL CAPACITY, not your Republiconos swiss cheesed version of selective interpretation. So, you also think the courts ‘fancy themselves as legislators’. Well, I must say I for one am quite thankful that they do, on occasion, fancy themselves as legislators as you prefer to call it. Here is another republiconos belief that there are only two branches of government in these here United States. In case you haven’t thought it through (which is pretty obvious you haven’t) the Supreme Court is, IN FACT, (via the constitution) the third and EQUAL branch of our government. And, it is SUPPOSED to rule on the constitutionality of the laws that are passed by the Congress, another equal branch of our government. If you call the process of ruling laws to be unconstitutional the same as “…fancy themselves legislators…” well, then you are pretty UN-American.

      • the parsing of words i was referring to was … the parsing of words in a post or reply.

        Dance all you want to, infer all you can, and broaden the words to mean whatever you want them to mean. Whether I am Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, you are confirming that you want some one else to fix the challenges that life throws your way (be them fairly or unfair).

        “Help” is one thing, “Dependency” is quite another. And after watching generations of Federal Programs that insure dependency, I just think it is time to think “out of box” to fix a collection of Federal Programs that have problems that are systemic.

      • “… you (me)are confirming that you want someone else to fix the challenges that life throws your way…”
        Your colander brain is at it again. I truly do not understand how you get this from the things I have said because it surely is NOT the above. There is no doubt in my mind that the PRIMARY problem with the medical insurance delivery system is that it is PROFIT

      • There is NO doubt in my mind that the PRIMARY problem with the medical insurance delivery system in our country is THE FACT that IT IS PROFIT MOTIVATED. If you take this one aspect out of the equation of medical care (thinking outside the box) you remove THE MAJOR impediment to the delivery of decent medical care for all. The framework, the new box, now has a completely different premise from which to proceed. Why don’t you try wrapping this around your republicanonos colander brain and see if something (outside the box) can percolate within you.

  10. Phil must be very old since he seems to know the intentions of the founding fathers of this country. Were you there, Phil?

    • yes … i was there … i was the janitor that cleaned the conference room where the founding father met … lol

  11. It seems the gloves are off. I didn’t realize the T in Tea party stood for testosterone, but it sure seems to be flowing here.

  12. Phil, you said,

    Sadly honji, people die every day for any number of reasons. Everyone has access to Health Care in this country (even if it is through an emergency room).

    Yes people die from any number of reasons but one of those reasons should not be from lack of money. People who go to the emergency room and don’t have means to pay or do not have insurance are given the most rudimentary treatment and sent home (with a bill they may not have the means to pay)life . And let us not forget those who have lost their homes and been forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills. Every day people die because they do not have the money to pay for a needed procedure such as a transplant or other live saving surgery, or they find out that the health care insurance they thought covered them has now found a way to drop them when they need it most and cannot pay on their own. Have we become such a callous society with such a lack of benevolence that we just sit back and let this happen?

    I guess in your world you’re OK with a death certificate that lists the cause of death as lack of money.

  13. lack of money … isn’t that the diagnosis code 464.032, the insurance companies only pays for procedure codes such as u-outta-here (00123), and only if it matches the proper diagnosis code … lol

  14. If this keeps up I’m going to have to make a Phil and Michael page and just let the two of you duke it out.

  15. […] Socialism – What’s so Bad About it? October 7, 2009 at 2:18 am | In Obama, crooks & liars, government, health care, insurance, political, stupidity | 1 Comment Tags: health care reform, high cost of health care, national health care, public option health care, single payer healthcare, socialism Quick everyone there’s a fight on the playground.  That’s kind of what it feels like with the ongoing  discourse on my last posts:  A Child’s Prayer and Tea Party.. […]

  16. because doctors did not spend 100s of thousands of dollars to become doctors so they can work for the ‘welfare’ wages you plan of paying them in the ‘lock-box’ you are building (and that is also true regarding nurses too).

    • Phil, you might want to take a look at Mad as Hell Doctors

    • Geezy Jones!! What planet DO you live on?! Have you ever heard of the Hippocratic oath? And, “…welfare wages you plan on paying them…” What the hell do you think your profit motivated insurance companies are ALREADY paying our doctors? If you remove the ‘profit’ from the equation there will be a lot more money to pay the doctors for the services they provide. And, maybe, some of that ‘profit money’ can be used for preventive care, too.
      Like I have said over and over, THE PROFIT motive in the INSURANCE camp needs to be removed by the legislative surgeons, i.e. the representatives that WE THE PEOPLE elected.

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