The $3000 Flu Shot

September 14, 2009 at 5:12 am | Posted in health care | 2 Comments
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flu-shotYesterday I got a flu shot at the grocery store.  Because I had a particular brand of health insurance my shot was not subject to the normal co-pay, my shot was free.  However, as the nurse was sticking the needle into my arm I realized, and said out loud, that for about three thousand bucks a year in donations premiums to the insurance company I get a flu shot.  If I am entitled to a flu shot next year it will cost more because each year the insurance company sends me a letter informing me my premiums are going up and some of the benefits will be deleted.

Health care reform, HAH!  Let’s not mess with the system we have, or I might not get my free flu shot.



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  1. I look on with amazement at the current controversy about health care in the USA. The whole argument seems to be about taxation. “I would rather pay $3,000 a year to health care gougers than $2,000 a year to the Government to get the job done properly.”

    btw, there is a gift for you on my blog today.

    • I’m so excited, I love presents..can’t wait to run over to your blog and unwrap it. Thanks, Archie.

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