Good Christians praying for Obama’s Death

September 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Atheism, bigotry, god, hypocrisy, Jesus, Obama, political, president, sick & Twisted, stupidity | 3 Comments
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That good old time religion, gotta love it?  This pastor in this video is appalling, I wonder if his parents were closely related.  The good news is we won’t be running out of stupid, evil people anytime soon.



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  1. It’s on a fox station, what can you say…

    • Yes, the Youtube video is on a fox station which made me cringe a bit, however I searched for it after seeing that minister saying pretty much the same things (and more) on NBC news. The fact that fox also covered it doesn’t make the words of the pastor any less hateful and possibly incendiary.

  2. […] never do anything, but are only exercising their right to free speech, (like the pastor in the video I posted a week or so ago) but how do they know that someone who may be even nuttier than thou will […]

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