Tea Party – Everyone is Invited

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I don’t think any comment is needed after watching the video below.


Why Obama’s Policies are Un-American

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Sometimes I think it’s too bad we have freedom of speech because if people were charged a fee every time they uttered something so incredibly ignorant and stupid as the crap we’ve been hearing coming from the right wing nuts we could turn our huge national deficit into a surplus overnight.

There is so much stupidity being voiced that it makes me wonder if it is the escaping brain cells of these same right wing nuts that is actually forming a layer of dust in the atmosphere that is the true cause of global warming.

I’ve heard Obama and/or his policies called un-American, and after careful consideration, I have decided that I agree.

It would be un-American to:

  • not have one of, if not the highest infant mortality rate of all the developed nations
  • have health care as a right, for all Americans, and not a privilege
  • not have people die because they cannot afford medical care
  • not have our education system be one of the worst of all of the developed countries, so that perhaps people would be taught critical thinking skills which are so badly needed here
  • not have the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor due to corporate greed, corruption, and power
  • not have our elected officials corrupted by same big corporations
  • not have children and adults who are homeless and hungry
  • not have people praying for our president to fail (or die) because he is not white

I could go on and on but I think you see where I’m going with this.  Granted, probably not everyone who hates Obama is a racist, but I’d bet the farm that racism is what is behind most of the stupidity and opposition to every move the man makes.  I’ve heard remarks that make me wonder if we are the USA or the KKK.   Here’s a stock tip for you, invest in a company that makes linens because I think the sales of white sheets just might skyrocket.  If the White House was not so heavily guarded, surely someone would have burned a cross on the lawn by now.

It is as if people think it’s like the old days when a black family moved into a predominately white neighborhood and were harassed so badly they finally packed up and left.  Do they think if they keep badmouthing Obama and perpetuating the absurdly stupid, lies that keep making the media rounds, that he will just take his family and move out of the White House so that McCain and the Caribou bimbo can take their rightful place as the white empty heads of state?

It’s no damn wonder that so many people liked George W. Bush who was so obviously a moron; they could relate to him.  He was unable to string three or four words together to express a coherent thought.  Obama is intelligent and articulate so perhaps the problem is that he is speaking above a second grade level and the average American is unable to comprehend what the hell he’s talking about.

I heard a clip of Rush Lamebrain Limbaugh commenting on an incident that happened on a school bus.  A white kid got beat up by some black kids.  According to Limbaugh these are the kinds of things that are happening now in Obama’s America.  I just bet nothing like this has ever happened before.  What..Obama hires some black kids to beat up a white kid…ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?

I’m tired of hearing the three jackasses, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, along with so-called  Christian pastors who encourage their flock to pray for the president’s death and other nut-jobs who engage in what I believe is incendiary, possibly seditious speech.  They claim they would never do anything, but are only exercising their right to free speech, (like the pastor in the video I posted a week or so ago) but how do they know that someone who may be even nuttier than thou will not take it farther than just hate speech?

Obama won the election, he is the president, he is not white.  GET OVER IT!

The Woody Guthrie Award

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guthrieawardI am honored that Archie of Archie’s Archives – The Curmudgeon’s Magazine has bestowed the honorable Woody Guthrie Award upon my humble blog.

The rules of the award require me pass it along to another deserving blogger/s and Archie would appreciate a link back to his blog.  I’m presenting this award to the Humor Hero, and The Honest Poet.

The $3000 Flu Shot

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flu-shotYesterday I got a flu shot at the grocery store.  Because I had a particular brand of health insurance my shot was not subject to the normal co-pay, my shot was free.  However, as the nurse was sticking the needle into my arm I realized, and said out loud, that for about three thousand bucks a year in donations premiums to the insurance company I get a flu shot.  If I am entitled to a flu shot next year it will cost more because each year the insurance company sends me a letter informing me my premiums are going up and some of the benefits will be deleted.

Health care reform, HAH!  Let’s not mess with the system we have, or I might not get my free flu shot.

Veterans Administration Death Books

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Last night I attended a town hall meeting held by our representative regarding health care reform.  The meeting had been advertised and those wanting to attend were asked to RSVP.  My boyfriend made our reservation for two.  We arrived over an hour early hoping for good seats but it was already too late as they were letting people in on a first come first served basis.. so much for making reservations.  The meeting was scheduled for six PM and people had been waiting in line since two in the afternoon.   The high school auditorium held a thousand people and another thousand were seated outside and were told they would be able to watch via closed circuit TV.

As we approached the building there were at least fifty people holding signs for, against, aliens are coming, etc.  Upon entering the school property, which was surrounded by an eight foot chain link fence, people were being told all signs had to be left outside.  The security people were extremely diligent about not letting anyone sneak a sign inside.  I had expected metal detectors; imagine my surprise when I learned that signs posed a much bigger threat than someone with a concealed weapon so you can imagine how relieved I was knowing I would be safe in what might be a crazy, but sign free, crowd.

Since we’d made a reservation I figured we were entitled to be in the auditorium (which we were told was at capacity) so we entered the building on the pretext of using the restrooms (on our honor we would come back out, hah).  We went into the auditorium and asked the guard inside the door if we could stand at the back, he said yes, but as it happened there were two vacant seats in the back row.

While waiting for the meeting to begin the man next to me, clearly against any kind of government run health care because he was convinced that it would infringe on his VA benefits (you know, his government run health care).  He told me his theories, which were the same absurd rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the crazies out there for the last couple of months.  He then proceeded to tell me about how the VA has brought back the Death Books… that Bush had gotten rid of them but Obama brought them back and that vets laughingly refer to this publication as the Death Book.  I wanted to know more so I asked him what is in this book.  He said this was a booklet for retired veterans that asks them if they feel like a burden to their family, suggests they forgo certain kinds of life prolonging medical care, and in general suggests they try not to live too long so they won’t use up too much money receiving their benefits.  I asked him if he’d actually seen this Death Book and he told me he had one and that I could just go to the VA and pick one up from the counter.  Since we were nowhere near the VA I decided I would call them tomorrow, which is today and I did…more on that in a bit.

The meeting agenda, on a screen on stage,  indicated the meeting would be opened and closed with a prayer. I don’t think there is any doubt about my thoughts on that.  After the praying,  people were asked to be respectful and listen and learn from those with differing viewpoints, which apparently means be loud and obnoxious so no one gets heard.  There was a lot of loud and lingering booing, thumbs down, calling the congresswoman a liar, and general mob like behavior.  It was a little scary at times and I was glad to be in the back row near an exit.  We left about half way through as there didn’t seem to be much point in staying.  As we headed out it turned out the gate through which we had entered had been closed and locked so I got to climb the eight foot fence which was the highlight of the evening as far as I was concerned.  It was like being in a movie where the main character is being chased by bad guys and ends up at the end of an alley blocked by a high fence as the bad guys are gaining on him/her…except without the dramatic music and lighting.

Back to the Death Books.  I called the VA about an hour ago and spoke with Jim Collins, a disabled veteran counselor.  I felt a little silly actually asking the question, knowing what the answer would be, but I wanted verification in case anyone else out there believes this Death Book bullshit.  He chuckled as he told me what is sometimes referred to as the Death Book is actually a pamphlet outlining death benefits for the surviving families of deceased veterans.  I told him what I had heard last night and he laughed, and said there is a lot of misinformation going around and most of it is laughable.  I asked him if I could quote him and use his name, he obviously said yes.

Good Christians praying for Obama’s Death

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That good old time religion, gotta love it?  This pastor in this video is appalling, I wonder if his parents were closely related.  The good news is we won’t be running out of stupid, evil people anytime soon.

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