We are ALL going to die…

August 31, 2009 at 3:53 am | Posted in Current Events, government spending, health care, Obama, political, political rants, rants, stupidity | Leave a comment

..eventually if this Nazi health care reform thing passes (or if it doesn’t).   I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing we hear from those nut jobs people disrupting the town hall meetings (on this topic) is the claim that after the death panel decides to off granny, she will be ground up and added to our food supply.  Ah, if only we  didn’t have that foreign born, Nazi, socialist president who hates old people.

Those most loudly opposed to any form of socialized medicine probably don’t even know the definition of socialism (and most other words longer than three or four letters).   Have you ever noticed that when ignorant people enter into a debate they substitute volume and interruption for reason, accurate information, and intelligence?  I think the loudmouths and those in government so vehemently opposed to some sort of public health insurance option should be denied access to and be  forced to give up their government health care respectively.  Polls show that most Americans want some sort of public option but they are not as much fun for the news media to report on.

I don’t understand why the whole thing must be so difficult when a simple solution would be to take the socialized medical plan that we already have (Medicare) and extend it to all Americans.  It wouldn’t take a thousand or more pages of gobbledygook; the whole bill could be written on a post-it note.  I am convinced that for every process in every branch of government from local to federal there are people who have the job of taking the most simple process and figuring out a way to make it as complicated, inconvenient, and expensive as possible.  I can envision a four hundred page manual instructing office personnel in the correct procedural process involved in restoring a formerly sharp, but now dull, tip onto the end of their wooden writing implements.  See how many words I used when I could have just said pencil sharpening.

If the health care industry would take all the damn money they are using to fight health care reform and use it, instead, to improve the quality of care we receive perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess.  They take our money, lots of it, and have people on staff to figure out ways to deny claims so they can keep our money.  I’ve blogged about this business model in the past in a post called Rob People Legally, Start an Insurance Company.

If having a public option for a much needed service that should be available to every human being is such a bad thing then why not privatize other equally necessary services.  I would love to see how the loudmouthed opposition would like having to choose and pay for:

  • a private security force in lieu of the public option we now have (police force)
  • a private fire protection company
  • private military services

By taking these out of the public realm they would work like like our present insurance system, so you’d better hope you/we don’t ever need the police, firefighters, or the military.  Just try calling your private police service to come and investigate a break in and it will be the last time you will ever have police protection, because your private security company will drop you like a hot potato and no other security company will accept your money because you have a preexisting history of victimization.

And the debate goes on.


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