Bigotry Does NOT Come in a Bottle!

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It saddens me to think we have traveled so far, only to find out we’ve been going in circles.

I should be, though I’m not, surprised at the naivete of those who think America’s election of an African American president is an indication that we have, for the most part, risen above racism.  It’s a nice fantasy, but it’s so far from reality that every time I hear someone express this opinion I feel the need for one of those little airsick bags.

We’ve eliminated slavery and elected a black president, well that pretty much takes care of racism…NEXT!

There are those who exhibit racism of varying degrees from derogatory, off the cuff, remarks to disgusting hateful tirades, yet deny they are racists.  They prove their points by saying some of their best friends are…fill in the blank.  Sometimes they blame it on too much to drink.  This one always makes me think of the old computer science adage, GIGO (garbage in garbage out).  If you don’t hold these hateful sentiments it doesn’t matter how much you drink, smoke, etc.; bigotry doesn’t come in a bottle.

Racism is hatred born of ignorance and stupidity and America has no shortage of people who fit this description.  We now have the emperor of stupid, Rush Lamebrain Limbaugh, who is paid a ton of money to pander to the ignorant masses.  He has his listeners convinced, among other things, that Obama hates white people and wants them to die.  His comments are deliberately incendiary and intended to stir the pot of hate.  Personally I think a better career for Limbaugh would be as a crash test dummy or a target at an NRA practice range.

Last week a black man died, while protecting the Holocaust  Memorial Museum, at the hands of someone fueled by this kind of hate.  I could go on and on but I’m sure many of you have already read or heard stories about the crazies who cannot wrap their minds around the fact that our president is not a rich white guy.

I’ll declare racism, sexism, and all the other hateful isms dead, or at least mortally wounded, when there is no longer a need to remark upon the gender, ethnicity, or race of the candidate, nominee, winner, etc., when they are other than white and male.



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  1. No, it doesn’t mean we’ve “risen above racism.” But that it hasn’t heretofore even been possible to elect a black President is a pretty fair sign that we have risen. We’d all like the leap to perfection to have happened yesterday. It didn’t, and it won’t tomorrow. As long as we keep climbing that’s all a realist can hope for.

  2. very well said
    love the idea of Rush Limbaugh as a crash test dummy, only problem is his fat, and his drugs would probably protect him from the pain he soooooooooooo deserves

  3. The election of Obama does not mean we have risen above racism and therefore the ‘climb’ is over. On the contrary, it is never ending process of life improvement. I imagine that there will always be racist fanatics in all the varying degrees. BUT, the mere fact of Obama’s election is proof positive that for whatever reason they voted, the majority of people voted for a black man who is intelligent and has the desire, drive and determination to improve this country and this world. We should all be supportive and proud of his efforts, even if we don’t agree with everything he does.

  4. That’s right, racism & bigotry do NOT come in a bottle. Most believe that these are learned behaviors and beliefs. After all, we are all born innocent. But, as I believe, a person achieves maturity by forging their OWN beliefs after recognizing the ‘wrong’ in their upbringing (with respect to racism and bigotry). This does not ‘erase’ the memory of this kind of learned viewpoint. Rather, the mature person recognizes there past (in this regard) and instead CHOOSES to create new brain patterns of fair-minded thinking. But, the old patterns of racist belief can surface unintentionally – after becoming intoxicated – the proverbial ‘bigotry in a bottle’. It is now when the true measure of maturity becomes evident if the person has sincere regret or remorse for what was said.

    • I agree it is a learned behavior, and a wise person will recognize the teaching for what it is and reject these views, and if they are truly rejected it is unlikely that upon becoming intoxicated one would revert to ignorance.

  5. I will know that racism is dead when I can dislike a person and say so, regardless of his/her ethnicity and have that dislike accepted as just that. Not as a racist attitude. Some of my best friends are white, brown, black or yellow. Some of the people I dislike most are white, brown, black and yellow. Colour isn’t a determinant. Character is!

    Of course, I could be a true curmudgeon and say that I hate everyone equally 😉

    • Excellent point, Archie.

  6. Nice!

  7. […] whatever the non-white part happens to be, no matter how small the percentage of non-whiteness.   Racism isn’t dead, as many claim, it isn’t even sick, in fact I think it’s rallying for […]

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