Holding Hands

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Be sure to watch the entire video, the end is worth the wait.

How I, Honjii, have kept America safe

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The other night on television I saw a clip of Bush doing what, for him, passes as speaking.  You know, that thing he does where he has that dumb smirk on his face, his mouth moves and sound comes out but it is all just gibberish.  It was the first, time since Obama took office, that I’ve seen or heard him and I had this sudden, overwhelming urge to throw my shoes at the TV.

cheney-in-the-box1Lately Satan Cheney has been popping up all over the place.  I think he’s making a desperate and pathetic attempt to build a defense in the event he is prosecuted for his war crimes.  He has said, on many of these pop-ups, how they (the Bush Administration) kept America safe, the proof being that there were no further terrorist attacks, on U.S. soil, after 9/11.  I wish someone would point out to him that not very long after the Bush crime syndicate took over this country, we had our very first terrorist attack on American soil.  So the way I see it, every president that came before W kept us safe and Bush and Cheney cleared the way for what happened on 9/11.

I love playing with Photoshop and every time I see Dick Cheney I just want to Photoshop his face onto the head of a penis.  OK, I admit I actually did it for my own amusement, but to post it here would, unfortunately, be in bad taste so I’ll exercise some restraint.  However, if you really want to see it, drop me a line on my contact page and I’ll send you a link to the image.

If I follow the Cheny logic, then I can make the same claim.  Has anyone noticed that since I began this blog there has not been a single terrorist attack on our country?  You’re welcome, America.  It has been my pleasure keeping you safe and sound.

Are you the 1st dog? There’s an App for that…

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for people with way too much time on their hands.

How to Avoid Jury Duty

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Author, John Grisham, in one of his books, asks the question: Would you want your fate decided by twelve people too stupid to get out of jury duty?  I for one have been very creative in avoiding doing my civic duty on numerous occassions.

The following is a notorized letter to the state of Montana, from a resident, asking demanding to be excused from jury duty.  Click the image to enlarge.  After receiving this outrageous letter the man was called before the judge to apologize and then guess what happened.  He was excused.


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BO, The Portuguese Water Dog

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Get Your Government Bailout

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Big money begets big money.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know a bunch of very rich assholes partied like there was no tomorrow, with money that didn’t actually belong to them and now the government, having been blackmailed with the threat of a world economic collapse, is giving them even more money so they can hand out large bonuses and take much needed vacations…I’m sure it must be exhausting mismanaging huge sums of money.  This is, of course, an over simplified explanation but I’m tired of hearing so many versions of who, what, when, where, and why, so I figure this is close enough.

How many of your are feeling the pain of a financial market gone crazy?  I know I am.  I’m not as bad off as some and maybe worse off than others, but I haven’t heard from many people who haven’t been affected in some way.  As each economic domino falls against the next and the economy continues to implode where has that left us and where will we be when and if it ends?

Do you have debt that you’re now having trouble paying?  It doesn’t matter whether your debt is the result of the current economic crisis or complete and utter irresponsible use of credit (should we be any different than the present recipients of TARP (Troubled  Asshole Asset Relief Program) money?  NO WAY!

So here is my  TARP (Taking Away Real Prosperity) plan, for we the people, to get our piece of the bailout pie.  Imagine what would happen if everyone did this.  When your bills arrive, fill out the change of address form using the address of the Office of Financial Stability at the Department of the Treasury at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20220.*

*Disclaimer:  The above is not to be construed as a suggestion to take a particular action or advice but is meant only as food for thought.

The Voca People

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