I’m Submitting a Bill to AIG and So Should You

March 19, 2009 at 6:04 am | Posted in corporate bullys, crooks & liars, political rants, taxes | 7 Comments
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So we’re all pretty pissed off that AIG spent our tax money on huge bonuses for their executives.  Word on the street is the recipients of these bonuses are the very same executives that caused AIG to fail in the first place.

Now I’m confused because I always thought that a bonus is extra money, sort of like a gift, one receives for a job well done.  These bonuses were paid because AIG said they had a contractual obligation to do so.  I have two problems with this.  The first is how do you contract to reward a job well done that has not yet been done?  My second issues is that if AIG had not received all that bailout money they wouldn’t have actually had the money they were contractually obligated to pay, now would they?

As a taxpayer I want my damn money back and I really need it right now!  I know those highly paid screw ups probably really need the money to refurbish their  luxury yachts and stuff like that while I would only spend it on frivolous things like food and shelter.

Seeing how poorly they run their company I figure why not just send them a bill for my portion, and there’s a good chance they’ll just pay it.  According to Wiki Answers there are 138 million taxpayers in the U.S.  So I’m basing my bill on the 170 billion in bailout money divided by the number of taxpayers.  They owe each of us $1,232.00.

On visiting the AIG corporate website to find out where to send my bill, I noticed a link called corporate responsibility, curious about that in light of all that has gone on, I clicked it and guess where it went…NOWHERE!



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  1. You should email the board of directors with respect to your bill and the link to “nowhere”!

  2. yes, the contact page still works, so you at least have an email address (which doesn’t mean THAT goes anywhere…) and the assurance of AIG that, and i quote:
    “All concerns will be addressed and complaints will be processed promptly.”
    i wonder what their definition of ‘promptly’ is…..

  3. Um… you mean 170 billion-with-a-b, not million. (170 million divided by 138 million is only $1.23.)

  4. @The Vicar, You’re right, it’s a typo, thanks for catching it and by time you read this it will be fixed.

  5. I want my thou, now, cash cow.

  6. @Thinking, I took your advice, not that it will be read or taken seriously but what the hell.

  7. This has to be the best post I have seen so far about this. Not sure who writes the other blogs I read, but glad to know your stuff is top notch! We be dropping back by, keep up the great blogging!

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