The Crow Reveals Where Republican Brain Cells Hidden

February 21, 2009 at 8:09 am | Posted in Obama, political, stupidity | Leave a comment
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the-crowReception where I live  isn’t particularly good and seems to change daily, so when I turn the radio on I don’t always have a choice other than on or off.  I turned it on the other day and heard a female voice talking about handwritten notes in the margins, words being crossed out and handwritten substitutions…and I was curious to know what the hell she was talking about.  Then the answer came, “that crap sandwich”.  Still curious I had to listen to the rather unpleasant grating voice a bit longer to find out I was listening to Monica Crowley talking about Obama’s economic stimulus package.  She calls him The Bama, and referred to his wife as Michelle Bama.  Since she squawked more than spoke I decided to rename Ms. Crowley, The Crow.  I don’t know whether she was deliberately being disrespectful by calling the President, The Bama or with her Bush-like IQ was unable to pronounce his name correctly.

She went on to talk about how this bill was written in secret, behind closed doors, by the democrats so that the republican wouldn’t have a chance to read it in its entirety.  Since this seemed to contradict what she had been saying earlier, I actually tried calling the show to ask her how then, since this was kept so secret, did she, a mere radio host, have access to the actual documents with all its handwritten notations, cross outs, etc.  It just rang and rang, I gave up.  I probably never would have made it past the screener anyway.

While I was waiting for them to answer the phone I hadn’t been paying attention to the show and when I hung up she was ranting about Bill Maher, not sure how she got around to him.  She talked about how stupid Maher, democrats, and liberals are and that she, The Crow and other republicans, have more brain cells in their little fingers than Maher and other liberals have in their entire bodies…and I thought…so that’s where they’ve been hiding them.


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