Are These Aliens Legal?

January 20, 2009 at 2:42 am | Posted in Atheism, humor, strange news, stupidity | 1 Comment
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Alien abductee wearing thought screen helmet.

Alien abductee wearing thought screen helmet.

As if we don’t have enough problems with the world economy imploding, wars breaking out every other day, genocide, famine, terrorism, nukes and all those other bad things that make you want to hide under the bed I have now been informed of a new threat to each and every one of us.

I’d heard of this problem before but I had no idea it was real or that it was happening on such a large scale.  I’m talking about alien abductions; not just for whack jobs anymore.  Don’t seriously stop snickering, that was my first reaction, but after visiting the website mentioned below, it’s obvious, the threat is all too real.  But don’t worry, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves, and the sooner the better.  The good news is, protection is not just for the two or three wealthy people left in the world, it’s affordable for anyone.

Wearing a thought screen helmet will keep aliens from having access to your thoughts leaving them powerless to control your mind.  With simple instructions that can be found at the Stop Alien Abductions website you can construct this invaluable safety device.  I’m starting on mine immediately and I would urge you to do the same…protect yourself now!  They have a pretty impressive success record.

The thought screen helmet has effectively stopped several types of aliens from abducting or controlling humans. Only two failures from standard thought screen helmets have been reported since 1998 for people being abducted by aliens themselves. A third failure in 2005 was from a cloth helmet with a smaller area of Velostat which had a Velcro strap which was easily removed by an alien-human hybrid.

A fourth failure in 2007 was with a frail woman who had her helmet removed by two alien-human hybrids who snuck up behind her, tackled her and forcedly removed it. The helmet still works for people being abducted by aliens, but not by their alien-human hybrids who are now integrating into our societies.

For more information visit Stop Alien Abductions you will roll your eyes be as amazed as I was.  You might also want to visit Humor Blogs.


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  1. So THAT explains Dubya. Either he didn’t have enough sense to keep his helmet on (I find alfoil helmets work quite well, I have hardly ever been abducted) or he is a alien/human hybrid. An interesting possibility. His father shows definite signs of alien ancestry. I suspect that admixture occurred with old Samuel P Bush (after all, he came from Ohio) and has continued down the generations.

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