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December 31, 2008 at 11:42 am | Posted in Atheism | 1 Comment
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No, I didn’t get shot with a tranquilizer dart by some PBS nature show researchers so I wouldn’t put up a fight while they put a GPS tracking tag on my ear…though it might keep me out of trouble if they had.

I got tagged with a meme by one of my favorite bloggers, Archie.  It involves books, and I absolutely love books.  I’m such a compulsive reader, I couldn’t even begin to guess at how many books I’ve read.  I own shelves and shelves of new, used and some very old (possibly valuable) books.  The thing is, it is not just reading books that I love.  I love having them, looking at them, touching and holding them.  But I am NOT a bibliophile, I’ve never touched an underage book. 😉

Here are the rules:
1) List the authors that were new to you this year, regardless of year of publication.
2) Boldface those which were debuts (first novel published in 2008).
3) Tag as few or as many others as you’d like.

J. Frank Dobie, The Voice of the Coyote
Richard Shelton, Going Back to Bisbee

There may have been others, but I’m doing some major repairs at my house and in the process, unfortunately I have had to temporarily box most of my books.  Neither of the above were new so (2.) doesn’t apply.  Now who do I tag?  Following is my list of  bloggers… TAG,  you’re it!  Anyone not listed who wants to participate, come on down!


Enough is Enough



Yeah, totally…right?

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  1. Whew, at last I seem to be able to comment – I wasn’t allowed to yesterday – must have been a wordpress glitch. Interesting pair of books – I must find the Dobie book.

    Just a thought – You can never have too many books. Just too few shelves!

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