My Bailout Plan – PYOM

December 6, 2008 at 7:05 am | Posted in corporate bullys, crooks & liars, government spending, government waste, political rants | 3 Comments
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Is it just me or do you feel like you’ve gotten a royal screwing, without that nice afterglow?  So much greed and dishonesty in our government and corporate America (which are basically one and the same) have made a fine mess of the economy.  For years it’s been party time and a bunch of people got really rich.  Unfortunately I didn’t get an invitation to the party, did you?  So they have some nerve sticking us with the bill.

I really admire Obama.  I think had I been in his shoes when the election returns came in I’d probably have thought about the overwhelming mess to be cleaned up and said to McCain, “Ahh ya know what, why don’t you just go ahead and be president, I’m good.”

This country has been a house of cards for a long time.  Private citizens and our government living it up on money we/they didn’t have.  CEO’s getting obscene compensation packages,  outsourcing  jobs in favor of cheap labor while more Americans are either out of work, or working more for less money.

And now everyone acts surprised, like no one could have seen this coming.  But here we are and our house of cards is crumbling and it’s time to pay the piper.  If you were really rich to begin with you get to go to the government and say, oops can you spot me a few billion, and good old Uncle Sam will say, sure why not?   Who does not wish they had a rich uncle to help them out of these difficult times?

Perhaps a better plan would be to give every American with a net worth of less than a million bucks, a million bucks.  They could pay off their mortgages, credit cards, pay taxes, go to a doctor,  spend and stimulate the economy and get a teeny little taste of what the party life must have been like.  Of course it’s ridiculous to imagine this would ever happen, but it’s kind of fun to think about, while worrying over how to make ends meet.

So where is all the bailout money going to come from?  This country is already so far in debt that I expect some cosmic bill collector to come knocking at our door any day now, baseball bat in hand, threatening to break our  collective knees if we don’t pay up.

The government could just print up a new batch of money, making our dollars even more worthless.  I say we skip the middle man.  Most of you have access to equipment sophisticated enough to print your own money (PYOM).  Just scan the desired denomination and print using a good linen based paper, and voila, money.  This would at least save the government printing costs and would have approximately the same value as actual government issued money.

Of course I’m not really suggesting that anyone engage in counterfeiting, that would be breaking the law and only members and friends of the Bush Crime Syndicate Administration are allowed to do that.

Well, I’ve added my two cents…which is about all I can afford to contribute at this time.



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  1. You Americans are not the ones screwed by your government. Here in Singapore, any cheap labor – or ‘foreign talent’ as our regime calls them – can just walk in and steal our jobs. At least you guys have a Green Card scheme and trade unions.

    I would rather be American than Singaporean. I hope your new president can clean up some of the mess that chimpanzee Bush caused.

  2. I think the CEO’s have lost sight of the actual size of what they are asking for. There seems to be little thought of the consequences and certainly no thought that they are actually getting welfare! Of course, bailouts for little people are really bad because it may upset the free market and individual initiative.

    Yeah! Right!

  3. Real wonderful visual appeal on this website , I’d rate it 10 10.

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