Biggest Idiot of the Week – Take Your Pick

October 14, 2008 at 7:49 am | Posted in bigotry, elections, insanity, political campaigns, stupidity, terrorism | 4 Comments
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America is the greatest country ever.  You don’t even have to be famous like GW Bush or Sarah Palin to show the public what a troglodyte you are.

Here are just a few, take your pick.

Barack Obama is an Arab? “Keep ’em scared my friends!” The new McCain/Palin slogan

The McCain-Palin Mob

The McCain-Palin Mob – part 2

Stereotypical Dumb/Stupid Americans



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  3. The quality of My followers is falling rapidly.

  4. Two points – one; you used the Chasers – YaaYYY Go Aussies!

    Two; You’ve been visited by a deity! Wow!!

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