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Sarah Palin makes me sick, and so do the idiots who think she’s wonderful, refreshing, honest, down home, and all that other crap the intellectually challenged keep spouting about her.  WTF is the matter with the people in this country?  She’s an ignorant, ruthless, bitch who seemingly learned not much in life, other than how to get what she wants at any cost.  I read a book called, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout.  Stout says one in four people are sociopaths.  I’m pretty sure Palin is one.

Hypocrite would also apply.  Lately she’s been trashing Obama over past ties to Ayers but she’s married to a guy who has said he hates the USA and is a member of an organization that wants Alaska to secede from the union.  Palin has spoken at one or more of their meetings so I guess we can say she has terrorist ties couldn’t we?  Is she sleeping with the enemy?  When people at a rally yelled (about Obama) terrorist, traitor, kill him; Palin didn’t insist they stop.  She merely smirked (obviously pleased).  What does that say about her character?  Again that word sociopath comes to mind.  If McCain’s mental acuity was ever in doubt I think his choice of running mates proves he’s not playing with a full deck.

Gosh darn it she’s such a pistol by golly, that at the vice presidential debate she wasn’t going to answer the questions asked of her… she just went on and told us what she wanted to talk about.  I suppose the McCain camp gave her a list of five or six talking points to memorize and told her to try and use them where most appropriate, and wink a lot.  Wink she did, you betcha!

Speaking of winking, I noticed at the town hall debate between Obama and McCain that McCain blinked a lot.  Excessive blinking is possibly a way the body can betray you when you LIE.  So now we have the possiblility of Winky and Blinky taking over for King George the Stupid and Shooter.

Robert McElvaine at OpEd News had this to say:

We already knew that she was stunningly ignorant. Now she has shown herself to be shockingly evil.

John McCain is someone who has totally lost his moral compass (Sarah Palin may never have had one). He and everyone in his campaign have become what Mrs. Palin’s prototype, Spiro Agnew, called (in William Safire’s words), “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

We have long known that many Republicans will stoop to anything to win. Karl Rove’s 2004 success in depicting a man wounded in the Vietnam War as an anti-American coward and Rove’s own chickenhawk president as a brave, patriotic American was disgusting.

But what the McCain campaign is doing now, principally through its winking, nose-crinkling Spiro Agnew/Dick Nixon, has gone beyond the lowest levels of Lee Atwater and Rove.

The patently false charges linking Barack Obama with terrorists not only tear the country apart, but are certain to lead some unhinged people to draw the logical conclusion. Some dupes of these reprehensible statements by Palin and McCain are going to think that a patriot must act to stop this “terrorist” from taking over the presidency.

Their shouts have already been heard from the mobs at Palin and McCain rallies this week: “Traitor!” “Terrorist!” “Kill him!” Mrs. Palin nods and winks.

When does character assassination cross the line and begin to encourage physical assassination?

Were, God forbid, the unthinkable to happen, it would not be unreasonable to charge Sarah Palin and John McCain as accessories before the fact.

They would rather lose a country than lose an election.

We knew John McCain. He was, we thought, a friend of ours. And you, McCain version 08, are no John McCain.

Have you at long last, sir, no sense of decency?

If you do, stop this evil line of campaign lies before it’s too late.

{Historian Robert S. McElvaine is Elizabeth Chisholm Professor of Arts & Letters at Millsaps College. His latest book is Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America



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  2. Actually, Stout says one in 25 people are sociopaths.

  3. Jaecen, I stand corrected.

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