Presidential Race or Sitcom

September 29, 2008 at 11:41 pm | Posted in elections, Entertainment, government, government waste, hypocrisy, insanity, political campaigns, political rants, stupidity, What if? | 2 Comments
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Over a year and a half ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned we might do better if we held our elections in the form of reality shows.  That’s a long time for us to be focused on candidates and campaigning.  In most western countries campaigning goes on for maybe six to eight weeks and voila, election over and on to other things.  I, for one, am sick of it.  If we’re going to carry on and on and on for this long we should have a decree that one day a week be “campaign free”.  No one in the public media or even in private social situations would be able to utter a word about the election, and anyone violating this rule would be publicly flogged.  It’s all anyone talks about, anywhere, ever!  If they’re not going to give us a break each week then at least give us government issued election barf bags.

If our country weren’t facing some very serious crises at the moment this would be the best campaign ever.  By that, I mean the one with the most entertainment and comedic value.  If it had been a sitcom or a reality show the ratings would have been OK.  Then, enter Sarah Palin, the unknown ingenue who brought the comedic value of the show to new heights.

Silly woman, doesn’t know what a vice president does, but she’s sure she can be one because she lives just across the canal from Russia and Putin flies his planes over her state.  Oh I do hope they bring in another character to be surgeon general, who isn’t a doctor and has no medical experience other than having had an appendectomy and a hangnail.  Hillary cracked the glass ceiling but Sarah’s going to break it…with her shrill, obnoxious voice.  She has made her own personal contribution to over population by popping out five kids, and I wouldn’t be surprised if before the show ends she doesn’t pop out yet another.  Won’t it be fun to see her and her teenaged daughter raising their babies together?

Let’s not forget the star of the show, John McCain.  The lecherous but lovable, forgetful, confused, old guy who dumped his first wife when she was disfigured in an auto accident and looks at Palin like he wants her bad.  He wants us to think he chose her because she has a good head on her shoulders.  He was either thinking with the little head, or maybe she gave good head..I’m just saying.  That wild and crazy guy got his marriage license to his new wife before he was divorced from the first one…oops!  Hey Cindy, better keep your eye on this one.  At least we know this is a guy who can make up his mind.  He knows what he wants and he goes after if…at any price.  I believe that is something he and Sarah have in common.

I loved the episode where the financial shit started hitting the fan.  Everyone knew the country was in deep financial doo doo for quite sometime…except the key players on the show…because they are very wealthy and completely out of touch with reality and they helped us get there.  One of my favorite lines was from Grampy McSame when he said, “The fundamentals of our economy our sound.”  Then a few hours later did a 360.

Speaking of the financial disaster, I’m hoping the writers of the show about the bailout add some intrigue.  Since the world financial markets could collapse if we do nothing imagine how great it would be if one of the characters on the show about dumb people turned out to be smart enough to use this as leverage, you know, hold the world hostage…if we don’t get something we want out of this we just let the whole thing collapse.  SO THERE!

I don’t know if the show will be canceled in a few weeks or if America will vote for this group of misfit miscreants so we can watch another four years of the pathetic three ring circus that has been running this country…into the ground.



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  1. Under my New Rules, nobody could declare for the Presidency before May 1 of the election year.

  2. Deference to post author, some fantastic entropy.

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