What Government Post are you Qualified For – Apply Here

September 21, 2008 at 12:15 am | Posted in elections, humor, hypocrisy, political campaigns, stupidity | 2 Comments
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Add Cindy McCain to the Intellectually Challenged List.  Thanks to Within Reason for the following video.

This isn’t new, we’ve all heard this before.  Based on this logic I’m qualified for any number of high ranking government positions.  I’ve been a freelancer for a long time which means I have no “marketable” skills which would qualify me for the presidency.

  • I drive a car, so I could be head of transportation.
  • I’ve flown in a plane, so make me head of the FAA.
  • I’ve been to the doctor a few times, I could be surgeon general.
  • I’m good at digging up information – head of the CIA or the FBI?
  • I live closer to Mexico than Palin does to Russia which means my foreign policy experience trumps hers.

I’m sure if I thought about it I could come up with a much longer list of qualifications that make me suited to hold a high office.  If you have similar qualifications, feel free to list them here and I’ll forward them to both the McCain and Obama campaigns.



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