Why America is F**ked!

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So I’m cruising around some blog posts tagged McCain and Palin and I came across the following post on Rooted and Grounded.  The post talks about nothing other than the importance of the abortion issue to the upcoming election.  The world could be crumbling around us, every major financial market could be grinding to a halt, and people starving in the streets yet still there are way too many people who focus on abortion as the number one issue upon which they will base their decision about which candidate they will chose.  If you put a chimpanzee in a suit and could convince these religious fanatics that the chimp had the power to overturn Roe v Wade they would vote for him.

I posted a response asking if perhaps some of the other issues (oil, war, healthcare, education, the economy, etc.) might not be more pressing, at the moment, to the future of our country.  I checked back and this is the response to my comment:

abortion is the #1 issue facing america. our deficit won’t matter a jot when we are hit with the judgement of God because of the blood spilled on our land by abortion doctors. God hears the cry of that blood and we must plead for mercy.

no woman has a “right” to murder a life planted in her womb by God. that is secular humanism. God alone opens and closes the womb.

a life is never just a mass of cells. God knew us when we were yet being formed in our mother’s womb. a life is a life no matter how small.

Does Julia think her God is OK with all the killing going on in Iraq, or people dying because they lack access to proper medical care?

I think we should be very afraid when this kind of mindset is becoming so pervasive.



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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more and this tightening presidential race is making me nervous. Vote early and often for Obama. He needs to win this election.

  2. God hears the cry of that blood and we must plead for mercy.

    When they say this, it never occurs to them that, according to their beliefs, these “babies” are now in heaven for eternity. Had they been brought to term, the overwhelming majority of them would probably have ended up in hell.

    I considered leaving a comment, but I already know the answer – “it isn’t up to us”. Right. It’s only up to you to attempt to impose your psychosis upon everyone else on the planet.

  3. In a way I agree with the religious nuts. Abortion (and a lot of other constitutional issues) are very important in this election.

    If a candidate who is openly and unashamedly one of the religious nuts herself, Sarah Palin, gets close to the Presidency, I think it will be a very serious matter.

    Christianity is dying, and should be allowed to die with grace, not in a final show of fireworks in which it sabotages the Supreme Court.

  4. You know what’s funny? The middle and lower class in this country, well a lot of them are like sheep led to the slaughter but the ‘good shepherd’ is not leading them.

    Anyone that would cast a vote for someone who under the other persons tax plan they would get about 2,000 more dollars is obviously a nutcase to begin with, nough said.,

    All people have to do is look at the tax plans of McCain and Obama to know we get a lot more under Obama than McCain, anyone with a grade school education should know that.

    But like you just said they are to busy sticking their noses into the business of women to know anything else, do they think all the liberated women will fall in line with Palin it won’t happen I’m afraid educated women know a lot more than this.

  5. McCain would make Chenny look like a 1960’s Flower Child if elected and I think Palin is just as Hawkish.

    Let’s work together to kill the Five Headed Monster that plagues America today and worry about Abortion later.

    1) Develop Alternative Energy sources and find ways to Conserve energy.
    2) Create jobs in America
    4) Stop Wars for Oil.
    5) Stop rewarding people who hurt America with their Greed.

    The World will sigh relief as we “fine-tune” Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel, GeoThermal energy generation and then share this technology with others.
    We can create good jobs building this infrastructure and even more when we impliment Conservation into every facet of our lives. We need to change Building Codes for both New Construction and Renovation Projects. Smarter design, better insulation, windows, doors, appliances, fixtures and HVAC. I have been in many older 3 story homes in Kansas City that have little or no insulation, leaky windows and a 50 year old boiler trying to keep up. Many of the people I spoke with paid more for Utilities each month than for their Mortgage. We can do better.

    We send hugh amounts of money to Countries that wish us harm in exchange for Carbon Fuels that destroy our Environment. We spend Trillions more going to war because we are afraid our supply of oil may be uninterupted. We can do better.

    Somewhere a terrorist dreams of a way he can hurt America. He might just want to finish what was started on 9/11, basically destroy our Economy. Just think what would happen if he was able to deregulate our Financial Institutions so Greed could run rampant, the Rich get richer and the Rest get trampled. Good jobs go overseas to the newly exploited, Americans lose their homes, their health and self respect. The Terrorist gets what he wanted, An Impotent America that will not be able to “interfere”.
    His Master Plan?…somehow discredit Obamma and spin McCain. This will finally destroy “the great satan”.

  6. Neuro Seed for President!

    I think we have little to fear, anymore, from any terrorist organizations wishing us harm. They just have to sit back and enjoy while watching our country self destruct.

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