McCain and VP Choice

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So McCain doesn’t think Obama is qualified to be president.  McCain, who constantly reminds us he is a war hero and knows how to win a war thinks he has what it takes.  Though he personally has never actually won a war, he was a prisoner of war (for five years) possibly because he wasn’t a good enough soldier not to get CAUGHT by the enemy.   Word on the street is that once he was captured he sang like a canary.  His hero status is likely due only to a technicality that bestows hero status on all prisoners of war.  I don’t know this for a fact and to be honest at the moment I don’t feel like looking it up, so I’m speculating based on the fact that much of his service in Viet Nam was in a prison.

He comes across as dazed, confused, and forgetful most of the time.  He says he supports our troops and doesn’t back it up with action, like supporting the GI bill for one.  He flip-flops all the time, but probably only because he doesn’t possess the mental acuity to remember his most recent position on any particular issue.  These may seem like qualifications for the office of president because they are so much like those of the idiot who presently holds the position.

Speaking of qualifications, if McCain ends up in the White House and kicks the bucket, then Ms. Palin becomes president how qualified is she for the job?


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  1. The way you describe McCain sounds eerily like one of the Presidents I recall as being the most beneficial to the country. President Reagan was great for smiling, and really loved a compromise – only, he didn’t really track the details. Reagan surrounded himself with (for the most part) some of the most effective administration members. Reagan’s stance on world affairs stemmed the hostage taking of the then-Iran radical government – after President (D) Jimmy Carter, aka, ‘Obama the First’, lost our friendly head of state in Iran, the Shah of Iran. Where a Democratic president with a Democratic congress won us runaway inflation (Umm – we have a Democratic Congress now – and food, materials, movie, and about everything else I buy keeps increasing in price), Reagan’s advisors managed to turn the corner and bring the economy into the longest recovery in history. Of course, we have a Democratic congress now – wait, I already said that.

    I figure if McCain could keep breathing for 6-12 months, Mrs. Palin would be as ready as any person ever is, to assume the office of President.

    And I personally think that McCain has shown one frighteningly isolated gleam of the genius of the Reagan administration – picking superbly able people.

    As for McCains’ war record – no dispute. I have come across a couple references to his service, few were flattering. But you left out one significant criticism of McCain’s. McCain believes in ethical conduct in office, but is unable to spot ethical dilemmas, nor does he believe anything he does is unethical. In the past he figured that when friends (contributors) asked for favors, that was what friends are for. Hopefully he has a staff to head off similar blunders between now and four years from November.

    One point that remains troubling for me about Obama, aside from his apparent intent to use the Oval Office for intensive affirmative action, is his track record in the Senate. Apparently none of his peers have been willing to work with him. That does *not* bode well for a sitting president, to have proof Senators won’t work with him.

    Mrs Palin has a similar background to other VP candidates – Democrat Geraline Ferraro comes to mind – and my beloved (if inept) President Reagan. What great credentials did Jimmy Carter present? Obama hasn’t governed, and neither has Joe Biden.

    Now, if we could get the sense that McCain will do what Reagan did, and let good people run the country, we will have an administration to look forward to!

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  3. You know, Brad, I’ve been reading Honjii’s blog for a long time, including your comments. I’d like to address each one above but I don’t have time, gotta go to work now. But I will say this. You sound like an IDIOT and since your blog is about making babies it sounds like that is probably what you do best. And one more thing, where in the hell do you get the idea that Obama would use the oval office for intensive affirmative action?????

  4. I came across a funny (creepy, actually…) YouTube video clip put together by that proves your point rather well.

    Funny, yet really kinda sick. 😉

  5. Monique,

    Most of the African-American radical movements are *really* excited about Obama’s candidacy, and seem to anticipate support under President Obama.

    B. Obama doesn’t have a really good track record of currently experienced politicians and bureaucrats. Which leaves the question of who would be willing to serve on his cabinet to be a very troubling question mark.

    In 2 years in the US Senate, it appears the only thing Obama has done is .. run for President. Nothing else has been reported. Oops. He raised money to run for President. Sorry. Notice Louis Farakhan’s name on a couple of those checks.

  6. Brad, it sounds to me like you’re afraid of having anything but the usual white Anglo male in the White House. Maybe people are confused because it’s called the White house, they think that only white people can occupy it.

    Notice Louis Farakhan’s name on a couple of those checks.

    …and what names appear on the checks received by Bush, McCain, and other republicans. Many of those checks have hardly been signed by clean hands.

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