Every Sperm is Sacred, Why not Every Soldier?

August 20, 2008 at 7:58 am | Posted in Atheism | 5 Comments

The moderator of Saturday night’s presidential forum on faith — Pastor Rick Warren — says Barack Obama failed to adequately address the question of when life begins.

WHY do we need a presidential forum on faith? Doesn’t this blur the line that is supposed to be separating church and state?

WHY is the abortion question always the fulcrum upon which the decision rests for such a large number of idiots? Aren’t there more important issues looming over our heads at the moment? Why is it that the people most concerned about when life begins, and seek to insure no meeting of sperm and egg shall ever be impeded aren’t showing the same concern for the lives of our service men and women wasted in Bush’s folly in Iraq?

Since McCain says we’ll be in Iraq for the next hundred years, perhaps we want to insure enough humans will be born so we can send them to the middle east to die. We’ve spent so much money on the war it would be much cheaper to take our soldiers and just shoot ’em here…and we’d be in about the same place we are right now, except with a smaller deficit.

Do I sound MAD? You bet I am.


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  2. Honjii, I am sure you don’t want to hear this, but the Bible mandates not spilling see on the ground for the same reason you just pointed out – the state (God, in the Old Testament) mandates raising sons for the next generation’s army to fight the next generation’s war. In Biblical times an act of birth was essentially an act of war. That was one reason armies routinely raped women when they won the battle – to destroy the beaten foe’s culture by killing the men, destroying the women’s ‘virtue’, and sowing the conqueror’s blood to leaven the next generation.

    In Biblical times the euphemism was ‘war bride’, and details are listed in the Old Testament about bringing home a war bride, if she didn’t get along with your other wives. (You ‘divorce’ her, and cast her out – she could never remarry, and her life was her own lookout I guess that was supposed to be incentive to ‘get along’.)

    The stand on abortion has become so important for the same reason that sex sells beer and cars. People trying to create power and control and audience picked a nearly random topic and claimed it was important

    I recall when abortion was legalized – remember Johnny’s dance partner in Dirty Dancing? Botched abortions were a horrible presence in every community. Abortion was legalized to literally save women’s lives.

    The religious right has always believe that right makes might, and want to club anyone opposed to their beliefs. They pick the abortion issue as a litmus test, to see who agrees with the religious right leaders, and who is evil (in their eyes).

    Many cultures, even today, believe only adults are ‘persons’. Which is where our legacy of waiting to puberty to allow kids to drive, take communion in church, and where drinking and army age came from. Voting in America originally had a litmus test – the only citizens protected by law as individuals, and not chattels of another, were 25 years and land owners, and only men were accounted legal for owning land.

    We no longer have a horrendous pattern of infant death in this country, that contributed to only recognizing surviving kids as ‘people’. A newborn infant is indisputably alive. Is an infant a ‘person’, meet the traditional justice parameters for competency of awareness of good and evil, and able to tell the difference, and familiar with community values and common law?

    Will the people wanting to ban abortion pay the cost of salvaging a teen mother’s lost life expectancy and social opportunities? Actually, that hypocrisy, of wanting to abandon abortion yet not planning to care for stranded pregnant girls and women, is the part that seriously angers me.

    I think my plan is simplest. Do away with laws about how many people can be married. Replace divorce with ‘dissolution of marriage by reason of abandonment’ where anyone can walk away – but it would be a felony to take any assets with you. And make every birth an act of marriage. That way you could have an unwed girl enter the delivery room, but she would be married by the time the baby is delivered, and it would just be a matter of identifying the father – who just acquired a wife and a child, and gets to explain things to any other wives or their husbands, depending on how intermingled the bloodlines get But that is for the future.

    For now, the abortion issue stands as a litmus test on a candidate’s willingness to play ball with the religious right, and has nothing to do with their own beliefs.

  3. You have made the classic mistake- you assume your opponents are rational. They aren’t.

    Everything works easier and makes ALOT more sense if you assume that the American right wing are facists. Why do they want to ban abortion? Control women. Why do they want that? Because it is “traditional values”. Why are they obcessed with religion and faith? To see if an individual has the doctinal purity to be a member of the movement.

    Look at the bright side- the facists nearly always rose to power from elections.

  4. brad,

    For now, the abortion issue stands as a litmus test on a candidate’s willingness to play ball with the religious right, and has nothing to do with their own beliefs.

    yeah this is what honjii is saying but she is pointing out how stupid it is and just because that is the way the game is played doesn’t make it right

  5. You nailed this one.

    You’re absolutely correct. America just needs to pull the fuck out of there and cut their loses.

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