Beware of the Shady Lizard

August 14, 2008 at 2:47 am | Posted in humor, I'm just saying, social comment, spam, stupidity | 2 Comments

Every few days I empty my spam folder. It would appear spammers have access to time travel technology since a good portion of these emails are dated as far into the future as 2038. However, I find it odd that none of them are actually selling time travel; I think this would attract hordes of suckers be a huge seller. I would love to reply to one of them and find out what it’s like thirty years from now. I’d want to know if we are still using cars with gasoline engines and the price of gas. I’d also ask who stole won the election back in 08, and how badly he/she screwed things up what kind of job he/she did. Is Bin Laden still hiding in the Lincoln bedroom at large, did Brittany ever clean up her act, and how many children and grandchildren do Brad and Angelina have? Sadly, getting my questions answered would only cause me to receive even more spam from the future so I’m stuck waiting and wondering. Is it just me or is anyone else being honored with communications from the future?

Recently my email system was upgraded and improved. Soon after this improvement I discovered much of my desired email was being randomly filtered to the spam folder, while somehow all of the Nigerian letters manage to find their way to the inbox. I now have to spend extra time each day scanning the spam folder for stuff I might want and today I noticed one from someone called Shady Lizard. If that isn’t truth in marketing I don’t know what is. The name alone inspires confidence… that you will be cheated.

I’m just saying.



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  2. Yeah spam filters have always been love/hate for me. Stuff I need finds its way into the spam and vice versa but it’s better than getting it all in there.

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