What to Order?

August 7, 2008 at 6:12 am | Posted in humor | 3 Comments
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  2. But .. ‘Fresh Vegan Wrap’ – the wrap is cooked = energy, the ‘fresh vegetables’ are refrigerated, hauled by truck, refrigerated = energy.

    How about, “Elitist, production effort squandering, Politically Correct fresh vegan wrap?”

    I recall some Iowa corn farmers over coffee, some 12 years ago. They discussed a neighbor that went ‘organic’, and got 120 bushels of corn to the acre. Then one spoke up, that he paid less per acre, with less fertilizer, no spraying, etc., and actually made a bit more per acre, because of the reduced costs. The other guys with their 190-200+ bushels to the acre yields thought about that one.

    But that is still 80 bushels of corn – 40% less animal feed, corn meal, and corn oil that was produced. I am sure that 40% of the people waiting for that corn were ecstatic about the organic corn the other 60% of the people waiting received.

    Remember Melanie’s song, “Big Yellow Taxi?” There is a line, “Farmer, farmer, put away the DDT./Don’t mind the spots on the apples/ But leave me the birds and the bees.” Someone else re-made the song fairly recently. DDT turned out to be a rough choice – at the time it was pretty effective, but leached calcium from bird eggs and was really harsh on the environment. But the difference to the farmer and orchard owner and livestock owner – controlling insect damage is immensely important to decent yields – which affect how many people have enough food.

    I note that we haven’t had food riots in the US in several years – but they have been cropping up in other countries.

    Burgers are high-fat, high-protein sources of calories – and require a lot less shipping volume per customer calorie than vegetables. For the shipper, there is less spoilage (discarded, unusable food) with meat, usually, than with ‘fresh vegetables’. Convenient? Yep. Cheaper to provide food for people? Yep. Elitist, signs of conspicuous consumption (i.e., flaunting wealth)? Not if the veggies come from the back yard garden – which consumes a lot more personal time and energy than does buying food.

    *Buying* vegetarian food may seem more humane, more sensitive, but ultimately wastes food production – and results in less food for people.

    Yuppies may not do well in the current Peak Oil era of expensive energy. Unless they get their vegan fix from sweat-gardens in Honduras.

  3. brad, first of all, it takes a lot more feed per acre to raise one cow than what could be raised on that same acre of produce…second there is a shift toward grocers and restaurants buying local produce…and as far as the extra work of gardening…it’s good for you good exercise for the body and good for the spirit..and since when is hard work for your food a BAD THING? so just keep on believing that eating your high fat burgers are good for you and see how much more you spend on medical bills later or if you cannot afford the high health care costs than i guess you will just be a drain on the taxpayer resources and even if your not people who don’t take care of their health or wear bike helmets etc end up in higher health care costs for everyone.

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