Do Your Shopping at Dead Men Walking

July 19, 2008 at 12:13 am | Posted in civil liberties | 2 Comments
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Should Death Row Inmates Be Allowed To Have Websites?

This is kind of a long video (just over 7 minutes), with a “surprise” at the end.  It seems many death row inmates have their own websites.  Some are looking for love (a good bet if you are afraid of commitment or have trust issues as you always know the whereabouts of your partner) or friendship, some are sharing their thoughts and feelings, and some are even selling products such as their artwork.

Both sides make some good points, however defending the constitutional right to free speech of convicted murderers…I don’t know. I was under the, perhaps misguided, impression that convicted felons forfeit their rights.



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  1. Well death row inmates must still have SOME rights. Certain rights hsouldn’t be afforded to them, though. If they want a website, however, who gives a shit?

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