OK for the McCains, but if the Obamas had done it…

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Is it just me, or is the corporate news media forgiving of social, moral, civil, and criminal faux pas when committed by a conservative republican and disproportionately punitive when it comes to the slightest misstep on the other side?

Much has been made about McCain’s military background making him more qualified, than Obama, to be president. McCain comes from a military family, he is a military man and all he knows is war…and oh by the way McCain’s graduation ranking was 894 out of 899 at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Imagine what the news would do if Obama had graduated fourth from the bottom of his class. With a background like this and his hair trigger temper can we expect him to deal with tough international situations with any solution other than war?

Obama on the other hand attended Harvard Law School. Not only was Obama accepted into Harvard, which is not that easy to do, unless you have a rich daddy named…oh let’s just pick a random name…Bush for example. While attending law school Obama was president of Harvard Law Review, which is quite an honor that goes only to the best and brightest.

Based only on the above information, if you didn’t know the names attached to the information who do you think might do a better job running the country? But when it comes to qualifications to be president, let’s face it, no one is qualified. It’s not like any candidates come to the table with a resume that includes having been president of some other country.

If Obama had been involved in The Keating Five, Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the right wing talkers would probably be ranting such a blue streak they’d need paramedics on standby. If Michelle Obama (of those elitist Obamas), who shops at Target, wore outfits (ala Cindy McCain) by a designer in Germany costing roughly 3K a pop the media would jump on it. If Michelle Obama had the same monthly credit spending habits as Cindy McCain (somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000.00) she’d be ripped to shreds. I can’t even imagine what the media would do to the Obamas if it came out that Michelle had family ties (as does Ms. McCain) to a beer company that lobbied against groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s efforts to require alcohol-content information on every package of beer, wine and liquor.  That same company,

…also has run afoul of health-advocacy groups that have tried to rein in appeals to young drinkers. Hensley, for example, distributes caffeinated alcohol drinks that public-health groups say put young and underage consumers at risk by disguising the effects of intoxication.

And is there anyone who hasn’t seen (or at least heard of) McCain’s little singing performance of Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…Iran? What if Obama had done it?



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  1. Yeah, well, if Americans can elect The Nitwit over a Nobel Prize winner, what do you expect?

  2. Marcy, I’m not sure “elected” is the right word for how the nitwit became president.

  3. Well put. I wish someone with the opportunity to do so would put questions of this sort to some of the rightwing pundits.

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