Flying “High”

June 28, 2008 at 6:40 am | Posted in humor, Miscellaneous, News, strange news, What if? | 7 Comments
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Flying high could take on a new meaning and perhaps become your airline’s new slogan if proponents of marijuana lounges in airports have their way.

Marijuana proponents want to know why federal officials continue to allow people to use alcohol on airplanes, but won’t allow pot smoking in the lounges at Denver International Airport.

“Does it make sense to allow adults to use a drug that causes problems on airplanes and not allow them to use one that does not cause problems on airplanes?” asked Mason Tvert, executive director of Safer Alternatives For Enjoyable Recreation. read more

Stupid as it sounds, it might not be a bad idea. It could even be taken a step further by requiring everyone (over the age of eighteen) to get high before boarding. Perhaps they could add it as another step of the security process. You would remove your shoes, empty your pockets, place all of your crap on the conveyor to be x-rayed, walk through the metal detectors while having a bong shoved in your face, take a few hits and you’re good to go. Adopting this policy could alleviate a host of problems for the passengers and the flight crews.

Potential hijackers/terrorists would mellow out causing them to forget what it was they were supposed to do. Passengers angry about poor service, canceled or late flights would chill out. Everyone would be cool with being stuck on the tarmac an extra hour before takeoff and whining toddlers kicking the seat backs would cause uncontrolled fits of giggling among the passengers. The only downside for the airline is they would have to increase our pretzel allotment due to rampant munchies.



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  1. Funny one.

  2. Actually the munchies will help the airlines with their revenue problem. Passengers will be more likely to shell out the $5 for a container holding 10 Pringles potato chips, or $3 for one candy bar.

  3. The problem is they put the cart before the horse. I understand that as of 1965 Marijuana is illegal in all states but Indiana (supposedly if you pay the IRS tax you can have it. But the IRS won’t take that particular tax.) And now a couple of states allow small amounts, but not dealing.

    If they aren’t going to wait until marijuana is legal all over before whining for an airport lounge, the next thing you know the crack, heroin, and meth junkies will be suing over profiling and uneven law enforcement.

    So far, alcohol is legal, with restrictions, as is tobacco. And caffeine. If I remember the last time I flew, caffeine is still available on most flights (sodas, tea, coffee, chocolate), to ‘energize’ those that aren’t wired tight enough, emotionally speaking.

    I can see it now. “Chocolate and sugar substances banned from US flights and airports; blood sugar highs blamed for surly flight attendants and inordinate toilet usage.” “Herbal teas banned on flights over 1 hour 29 minutes, blamed for mellow passengers uttering inane comments, such as “What a pleasant flight that was!”

    Or maybe, “Damp wool and farts blamed for deterioration of airline seats; beans and woolen clothing banned from all flights originating in the US.” No, that was an art museum that complained sulfides were the cause of deteriorating paint on the old paintings.

  4. Flying “High” « Honjii’s Harangues…

    This is a pretty funny take on the article about pot lounges in airports….

  5. lol “flying high”
    good article

  6. I’m glad I stopped by. This is my kind of blog.

    I agree that if alcohol is legalized, so should marijuana. Why not? You never heard of anyone getting smoked and beating their kids, or crashing their car, or throwing up all over the place. Furthermore, the long term health risks associated with marijuana are no worse than alcohol. Where do you want your cancer? Lungs or liver? We should be able to legally decide.

  7. This is another reason I live in the Bay Area, one word…..Decriminalization!!!

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