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I’m a gym rat, and for me not having my workout is like not having morning coffee to a coffee drinker. I’ve belonged to several different gyms, visited a few as a guest. It seems that every women’s locker room (I’ve heard the same from men) has the naked person.

The naked person is different from most people who quickly change into or out of their workout clothing, perhaps shower, and move on. This doesn’t require more than a few minutes of total nudity. The naked person, however, will spend hours running around naked. She is the one that is in the locker room naked when you arrive, and on returning to the locker room, after an hour or so of working out, is still naked. She wanders around in her birthday suit talking to people, fiddling with her hair, finding any number of things to do while naked. I think locker room etiquette dictates an amount of time that is acceptable for one to be naked, and these people always far exceed it.

The naked person is usually not someone who has a particularly aesthetically pleasing body so you find yourself wanting to scream, “Put some freaking clothes on already!” The naked person will invariably sit on the benches in the locker area or on the furniture in the lounge area without benefit of a towel under her naked ass and that is just plain GROSS. OK, if you are not going to be considerate of others who will now NEVER sit anywhere because of YOU I would think you’d be concerned about what nasty (but not undeserved) bacteria might be crawling up your hoo haw.

I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest.

I’m just saying…

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  1. I must be really lucky not to have met one before (I used to go to the gym).

  2. In organized nude recreation (see the OshKosh Wisconsin based Naturist Society), at the facilities I visited, the rules were you carried a towel at all times, and used your towel to sit on.

    Sitting butt-nekkid is gross without the towel.

  3. LOL — the naked person!

    You feel much better getting that off your chest and feel much better from having such a good laugh.

    The Naked Person!

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