To All the Hillary Supporters Going for McCain

June 12, 2008 at 8:35 am | Posted in Atheism, elections, god, government, political, president, Religion, stupidity, U.S. Constitution | 11 Comments
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You sound like a bunch of spoiled children…if you can’t have it exactly as you want you won’t have it at all.    This video shows that McCain is as inarticulate, stupid, and ignorant as the present head moron in charge.  Is this really what you want in the White House?



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  1. About half of them are actually Republican concern trolls anyway, so mostly yes.

  2. Hey, let the people do as they want, the tactic has been used for years, I can’t even vote yet and i know that. It’s just a way to take out the enemy in the election.

  3. Yeah, lets call them moron, stupid and spoiled children…that will get them to vote for Obama.

  4. Tina, If you read more carefully, what I wrote, you will understand that I said they sounded like spoiled children which is not the same as calling them spoiled children. Upon more carefully reading my post you will also be able to understand that I did not call them morons or stupid. I used the word moron to refer to Bush, and stupid to refer to McCain. I hope I’ve cleared up your obvious confusion.

  5. And it really doesn’t matter what the stupidly moronic Repuglicans – umm – for the lack of a better word – think!

  6. Well, if they’re using tactics like switching parties to merely extend the electoral process, they may not be stupid or moronic, but it does make them look fairly desperate. How little faith must you have in your own candidate’s strengths and abilities to resort to that kind of tactic?

  7. McCain is not the best choice, but he’s a bit better than Obama.

    Obama is SCARY and unknown and will leave us weak.

    He’s a good speaker with charisma, telling peeps what they want to hear, but he will NOt be good for our country.

  8. Because?

    So far, Obama’s voting record has backed up everything he’s said in his debates and speeches. The only people who say “We know nothing about him” are people who haven’t bothered doing their research on the candidates.

    I don’t WANT someone who does “business as usual” in Washington. Business as usual is what’s buried us in recession, gotten our troops killed and our national health care standards a disgrace. Why would I want more of the same?

  9. Mac, you must be pretty happy with Bush if you want McCain who will be the same or maybe worse. Wake up man and pull your head out of the sand or where ever you have it stuffed.

  10. Mac, what do you mean when you say Obama is scary. I find McCain scary. Mental health professionals who listen to and watch McCain state they doubt he could pass a mental acuity test. We already have someone in the white house who is undoubtedly mentally unbalanced..THAT’S SCARY. McCain is a war monger, if he gets into office we will have more of the same and continue on our downhill slide as a nation. THAT’S SCARY! So please tell us what you find so scary about Obama.

  11. McClown IS scary. Anyone who made as many gaffes as he has would have been drummed out of whatever job he or she was in. Furthermore, his asinine and ignorant political ads are the reflection of a lazy mind which hopes that there are enough people with equally lazy minds to elect him as president.

    And anyone who still insists that they don’t know who Obama is at this late date is either willfully ignorant or is pushing some agenda of their own in continuing this narrative. Either way, it amounts to the kind of intellectual laziness that has caused us to be saddled with GW Bush for nearly 8 years.

    McClown has squandered his integrity, his dignity, and his honor in his bid for this
    office–a far cry from his media-manufactured image as a “maverick.” In fact, he has voted with Bush at least 95% of the time.

    Obama, despite his imperfections, is a far better bet. He shows the calmness and the ability to think on his feet that are necessary in a leader. As far as being “weak,” what does anyone find “weak” in a candidate who persists despite having to acquire Secret Service protection early, and having had one of his campaign headquarters in Indiana vandalized?

    Being abrasive and loud like McCain is not a sign of strength–it is a sign of his desperation and dishonesty.

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