Put Your Thermostat Where Your Green Is!

June 8, 2008 at 6:19 am | Posted in Current Events, hypocrisy, I'm just saying, modern trends, social comment | 3 Comments
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I don’t know if this is a problem everywhere, but where I live it has gotten out of hand.  Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon and businesses are doing their best to benefit from the movement.  Car dealers are selling more fuel efficient cars, home builders are building green and energy efficient homes, restaurants and supermarkets are offering locally grown produce, etc.  Just about every business has found some way to capitalize on (making us believe they are) conserving our resources.

I live in the desert southwest U.S. where summer temperatures generally hover somewhere above the hundred degree mark.  We desert rats are accustomed to this kind of heat and when the thermometer starts to climb the snowbirds beat a hasty retreat.  I wonder then, why when I go to a movie, a restaurant, a grocery store, car dealer, mall, or just about any business I have to carry my winter wardrobe along because these places feel like walk in refrigerators.  If it’s 107 degrees outside I’m pretty sure we would all be comfortable if the thermostat was set at around 80.  Wouldn’t energy consumption be lowered considerably if businesses kept their thermostats at a reasonable temperature?  It is so cold I sometimes cannot wait to get into my 200 degree parked car to thaw out.

It seems hypocritical to me to advertise going green while wasting energy by over cooling.

I’m just saying.



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  1. Two words. Cool. Sex.

    Let the bedroom get cold, and the frolicking falls off. Let the room be warm enough to start the sweating before the frolicking can begin, and there is less chance of frolicking.

    So store owners know – of the 20% of people that care what the temp is, maybe 60% are vocal and likely to make a scene. So they keep the temps and humidity and air circulation set so none of the 20% have a chance to sweat, even if they are hauling around 6 kids and 60 pounds of ‘green’ charcoal.(!)

    Sex sells. No one offering lingerie, groceries, comic books, or anything else likely to have some remote tie-in to sex, including movies (for dates), wants the customer warm enough to stop thinking about frolicking.

    Oh, and then there is the ladies aid snide point. Set the thermostat up to comfortable (I kept mine at 88 in the day, 85 at night in Phoenix, except the weekend my a/c went out the last day of July, 117 degrees all four days) and the LASP will publish here and abroad – the merchant / neighbor is too cheap to care about keeping customers / friends cool. Living frugally and ‘green’ is fine and dandy, but don’t cross that LASP.

  2. I think it’s funny so many people keep screaming green green green, energy energy energy and oil gas oil gas —

    but they’d rather die than walk carpool take public transportation, give up their cell phones, etc.

    it’s so fashionable to be green

  3. ..as long as it’s fashionable, but if we’re gonna talk the talk, then we need to walk the walk..

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