McCain has a Temper Tantrum

June 8, 2008 at 5:31 am | Posted in elections, government, humor, PhotoShop Fun, political campaigns, president | 3 Comments
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We have all heard about John McCain’s temper.  I have managed to get a photograph that has been hidden from the public.  McCain had a disagreement with dumbya and threw a temper tantrum…pretty scary stuff.



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  1. I keep waiting for McCain to pick Condi Rice for VP, if he makes a strategic choice – trump everything Obama is hoping for. Condi has experience, understands foreign relations like Obama never dreamed of, has proved she can work with other agencies and nations, and that she feels she is an American, first. Obama still hasn’t admitted he is fronting for his National of Islam close personal friend Louis Farakhan, but he hasn’t claimed to be interested in leading non-muslim, non-blacks to a safer, more secure future. All he promises is ‘change’. Heck, the sheriff with handcuffs in hand and grin on face can promise ‘change’.

    If the party gravediggers have their way, I suppose we might get Henry Kissinger, or maybe Senator Trent Lott. Someone that paid their dues to the party, and thinks they are next in line so they should get to play this round. A lame McCain ticket would seriously risk Obama getting elected. Especially if Obama can talk Nancy Pelosi into running for VP with him.

  2. Hahaha! Brilliant! 🙂

  3. LOL!! I couldn’t wait to read this – thought maybe he had called his a ‘fucking cunt’ this time instead of just plain ol’ cunt.

    Oh well, he’s still a vial of green garbage puke.

    Hope you’re enjoying this day!

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