The Truth Behind the Pope

May 15, 2008 at 8:38 am | Posted in Beliefs, hypocrisy, Religion | 5 Comments
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With all the publicity about priests abusing children, and the higher ups looking the other way, it finally dawned on me what the pope is.
Could it be that POPE is an acronym for:



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  1. Dang man, kind of harsh!!!

  2. I bet those who have been victims of abuse by their priests probably think that was pretty harsh.

  3. No, no. Please, the Papacy isn’t organized around sex or child abuse or pedophilia. And it has nothing to do with following in Peter’s footsteps.

    The Pope is like any business man – in business to stay in business. As Eric Idle expressed in “Nuns On The Run,” “Any time there is a deep, crying need, there is money to be made.”

    Just look how over the years the Vatican keeps redefining their dogma. The Irish worship Brigid? Make her a saint, call her holiday ‘ground hog day’. Pagan’s celebrate Yule? Call it Christmas. Etc. The question in my mind is whether the Vatican will imprison the first aliens to land on Earth, as they did Galileo, or busily mimic all the alien’s religious festivals and ceremonies. I can see it now, change our week to 9 days, with a new festival every time the moon circles some planet on the other side of the galaxy.

    And I like the observation that Leo Frankowski made in ‘Cross Time Engineer’ and the rest of the novels in the sequence – the church, by emphasizing celibacy among the clergy, perform what amounts to genetically killing the devoted, learned men. Only the inept, insincere, and deceitful, among the clergy, pass their genes to the next generation. Sounds like a wonderful plan to improve the world.

  4. i understand that there are problems with the system and that people have paid an awful price for the sins that clergy have committed. Maybe the papacy isn’t the best way to conduct God’s business on earth, but does that mean that there has been no good to come out of it?

  5. By George you hit the nail right on the head!

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