I Have Underestimated George W. Bush

May 15, 2008 at 8:30 am | Posted in Atheism, Beliefs | 5 Comments

Bush has announced that he has made the supreme sacrifice to show support for our troops. He has given up golf. I bet the men and women serving in Iraq had a lot of trouble containing their joy upon hearing that bit of horse shit good news. Just when we thought all hope was lost and our president was a self serving moron he goes and makes such a selfless and useless useful gesture…it brings tears to my eyes.

I encourage everyone to write to Mr. Bush and express your gratitude for answering our pleas to do something about the war. We have been writing, speaking, complaining about this war and wondering what can be done to get us out of the horrible mess we’ve made…trying to figure out how best to remedy the situation…it’s a wonder no one thought of this idiotic brilliant plan sooner.

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the solution is so simple it’s right there under your nose and you completely overlook it? If everyone who golfs will follow this sterling example and give up playing I’ll bet it will stop global warming, clear up our national debt, and end world hunger.

Thanks Dumbass George!



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  1. This sounds almost like the good hearted but inept President Jimmy Carter’s pledge to wear blue jeans (i.e. work clothes) until the nation’s problems were fixed. The single biggest correction of problems in the Carter administration happened at the inauguration of Pres. Reagan.

    Pres. Carter’s plan to dress in work clothes didn’t last long. I imagine the Bush pledge to eschew golf for the duration of the war in Iraq will also be given up as wasted effort.

    Thanks for bringing this grand effort in diplomacy and foreign relations to my attention!

  2. Keith Olbermann has ripped him apart, he has talked about your president like a dog. I keep trying people that man is drinking and snorting cocaine.

  3. I read somewhere (sorry, no link. But you can google it) that Bush actually was diagnosed with knee problems that required surgery, just before he gave up golf. So, he gave up golf for THAT reason, not because he gave a sh*t about our troops.

  4. Bush actually was diagnosed with knee problems that required surgery, just before he gave up golf

    No big surprise there!

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