The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

May 9, 2008 at 12:17 am | Posted in crooks & liars, Current Events, humor, spam, stupidity | 2 Comments
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Who hasn’t received an email telling you how desperately your help is needed to get funds out of a small country but the tyrannical government is trying to confiscate the writer’s family fortune? Years ago when these emails began circulating they came to be known as the Nigerian letters as that is where they originated and the country mentioned in the emails.

There have since been many variations and the fact that they keep coming (I get at least one or two a day) indicates there are still people dumb enough to fall for this, to me, obvious scam. In case you have been living in a bubble and don’t know what I’m talking about: you receive an email, clearly sent to a random address, from an unknown person asking your help in retrieving a large sum of money and for your help you will be rewarded with a percentage that will endow you with wealth beyond imagination. You will, however, need to show your good faith by first giving the sender everything you own. What kind of person falls for this? You’d have to be even dumber than Bush.

Every once in awhile, just for fun, I respond to the email offering a super deal on the Golden Gate Bridge, or swamp land in Florida to show my good faith. Once there was a phone number and I called and screwed with the guy long enough to make him angry and hang up.

Anyway, I’m writing about this for two reasons. One is I really need a break from Hillary, Obama, McCain, the economy, gas prices, the war, and basically the whole fucked up world ; and I wanted to share The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference.




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  1. I did – enjoy, that is 🙂

  2. Archie, if you liked that you might also enjoy Spam University.

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