Want Your Vote Counted? Vote Republican

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Last week at a dinner party people were discussing the election. Of course they were, what the hell else does anyone ever talk about these days. I am a firm believer that since we, as humans, have the ability to form opinions we should give voice to them, so I did. I stated my belief that for a presidential election to be fair, we need to do away with delegates and that the primaries should be held on the same day in all states. Scattering the primaries as we do, allows the media to take too much control of the outcome, and it does not give every candidate who enters the race the same chance, nor does it give all Americans the choice to vote for all candidates who have tossed their hats into the ring.

I’ve ranted about the electoral college before (I got my degree from the electoral college) and here I go again. At the dinner party several people agreed with me, but one, seemingly intelligent, woman argued (as someone always does when this discussion comes up) that we must have the electoral college or small states will be under-represented. That’s just so much horse shit it makes me want to scream! If state A has five thousand people and state B has five million people and all of them vote, and the votes are fairly counted we end up with five million five thousand votes..what’s the freakin’ problem? The president is supposed to be chosen by the people (one nation), not states.

Another silly argument that comes up on occasion, is if we don’t have the electoral college people can vote for whoever they want. So, what’s the problem? It’s our country, our president. It’s not as if eliminating electors means eliminating the rules entirely. We would still be able to choose only from those candidates who are on the ballot. And I suspect one primary, one election, one vote per person would take a much smaller chunk of taxpayer change.

In state and local elections we have a direct vote, no one worries that small counties may be unfairly represented. The only way to fairly and honestly choose a president is one person one vote. Pledged delegates, as I understand it, are under no legal obligation to vote for their candidate. How do we know that many of the so called democratic delegates are not really under-cover republicans that have joined, worked, or volunteered for the DNC to earn delegate status so that when it comes time to vote in the presidential election they can throw their votes to the republican nominee or vise versa?

The present system is needlessly complex and I believe the reason they keep it so is because it makes it that much easier to manipulate an election. I’m considering not voting anymore as it is probably a waste of time and hope, and I wish I had the power to convince all Americans to boycott presidential elections until we elect the head honcho by popular vote. Sadly I suspect that even if I could accomplish such a boycott the result would be the same as if everyone voted.

I am completely and utterly disillusioned, outraged, frustrated, and feeling powerless to do a damn thing except rant and hope that by doing so I can make people think.

Ironically I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “It’s not about who votes, but who counts the votes.”



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  1. I think you are missing the point of the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights sets out how to make things work.

    Step 1 is to expect the government to work, to serve the people and keep the nation safe.

    Step 2 If Step 1 fails, sue for redress of grievance. You can write your congressmen, the President, or your local dog catcher. You can write the New York flaming Times. You can hire a congressional lobbyist (or a congressman or senator or three). These are all quicker and cheaper than suing for redress of grievance, but you never know.

    Step 3, the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights, and one humongous part of the reason the various states voted to ratify the Constitution – if Step 2 fails, pick up your gun and blow the current, tyrannical government away. That is, “When in the course of human events ..”

    Step 2 and Step 3, because they exist, help keep pressure on for Step 1 to work. I am thinking we are still bobbling somewhere between Step 1 and Step 2. It sounds like you might be closer to Step 2 than I am.

    As for the ‘silly’ woman. Here in Oklahoma, the good city folk in Tulsa and Oklahoma City watch too much TV, and just don’t know what the heck a chicken is. Well, they watched the highly paid tree huggers looking for a cause to keep their names in the papers – and Tulsa and OKC sold out – voted to ban cockfighting in Oklahoma. Essentially two counties swung the whole state.

    I could easily envision an intermediate step to doing away with the electoral college – let the number and assignment of votes stand as they are now. Only take the ‘electors’ out, and use the answers. In 1800 it took some dude riding pretty steady to get from the outer states to Washington, DC, to settle up and make a president, and there was no time to check with the folks back home if something went awry. That is no longer true. We no longer need the people in the loop, nor the distractions of voting rules and who is bound to do what. Would that help any?

  2. At least, with staggered primaries, politicians get to attempt to focus on issues important to people of a particular state. Campaigning probably does accomplish something. Were everyone to vote on the same day, the only reasonable campaigning a pol could do would be via the media… and media presentations are edited by producers and other individuals who want spin the message.

    On the other hand, the electoral college is absolutely ridiculous. Popular vote should determine each party’s nominee, and also the winner of the general election. Eliminating the electoral vote would also make subtle vote-counting fraud in a close state far less meaningful. A 50.5/45.5 split would not give an entire state’s votes to one individual.

  3. Brad K:
    perhaps the good city folk in Tulsa and Oaklahoma City have heard of the concepts of compassion, treating animals kindly, not letting their natural instincts run wild to shorten their lives. Perhaps you should watch more TV yourself, and for gambling you might take up online poker. At least there, the participants can be expected to be there by choice.

  4. “I’m considering not voting anymore as it is probably a waste of time and hope, and I wish I had the power to convince all Americans to boycott presidential elections until we elect the head honcho by popular vote.”

    I’d stand with you in a heart beat for that!

    Many young people enter into with a belief that their vote could really make a change, become the deciding factor as to who will become president – only to realized they were disillusioned.

    Our Voting Process is bullshit. If the superdelegates fork over the nomination to HRC i’m not casting a vote for president. I’m not on that ‘Lesser of 2 Evils’ – Willie Lynch is dead!

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