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Smart Cars – Part 2

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After reading the comments on my first post about the Smart Car I have reconsidered my position and I now believe these cars have a place in our society.

Hillary Beefs up For a Fight

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Smart Cars?

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As gas prices continue to rise I’ve noticed more Smart Cars on the road. They are tiny, funny looking cars that when seen from the side, look to me as if someone lopped the back end off. If they got 500 mpg you couldn’t get me into one of those cars unless every other vehicle on the road was a smart car. Small cars scare the hell out of me, and this one makes the Mini Cooper look big. I was driving behind one the other day thinking that if a bicycle ran into it , this car would be totaled. I also thought I could run it off the road by passing it and blowing on it through my open window.

I did a little reading, and found they do well in safety tests, however the report I read stated

“The big question from consumers is, ‘How safe is it?'” said IIHS president Adrian Lund. “All things being equal in safety, bigger and heavier is always better.

The report also states these cars would be best for driving in dense city traffic where speeds are low and high speed crashes are rare. I think the best use of the Smart Car might be to put it into the back of your SUV while driving on the highway then park and roll the little smartie out for navigating the slow moving city traffic.

The Truth Behind the Pope

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With all the publicity about priests abusing children, and the higher ups looking the other way, it finally dawned on me what the pope is.
Could it be that POPE is an acronym for:


I Have Underestimated George W. Bush

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Bush has announced that he has made the supreme sacrifice to show support for our troops. He has given up golf. I bet the men and women serving in Iraq had a lot of trouble containing their joy upon hearing that bit of horse shit good news. Just when we thought all hope was lost and our president was a self serving moron he goes and makes such a selfless and useless useful gesture…it brings tears to my eyes.

I encourage everyone to write to Mr. Bush and express your gratitude for answering our pleas to do something about the war. We have been writing, speaking, complaining about this war and wondering what can be done to get us out of the horrible mess we’ve made…trying to figure out how best to remedy the situation…it’s a wonder no one thought of this idiotic brilliant plan sooner.

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the solution is so simple it’s right there under your nose and you completely overlook it? If everyone who golfs will follow this sterling example and give up playing I’ll bet it will stop global warming, clear up our national debt, and end world hunger.

Thanks Dumbass George!

For Those With Too Much Time on Their Hands

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I found a link to this site at Why That’s Delightful. If you find yourself with nothing to do, fire up Photoshop, swap heads with your baby and upload your picture to ManBabies.

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