G.W. Bush Toilet Cleaners & Other Fun Stuff

April 26, 2008 at 4:27 am | Posted in Bush, civil liberties, crooks & liars, humor, president | 5 Comments

For a very long time I have thought I’d like to make a George Bush pinata. Like many of my ideas, this one never made it beyond the confines of my cranium. The other day a friend mentioned he would like a life sized, water proof decal of Bush’s face to put in his toilet. I figured by now these things and more have probably been done so a googlin’ I went. Here are some fun products you might like for a party, to give as gifts, or just for your own personal gratification.

First i found a couple of pinatas, neither is realistic enough for my own sadistic satisfaction. The first is a face only, and can be found here.

I found this next one on Diary of a Diary of a Bad Housewife.

When I searched for my friend’s decal I found something even better. The George Bush Toilet brush.

Who wouldn’t want to stick dumbya’s head in the toilet? I bet if I had this my toilet would be cleaned several times a day, probably after each use. An added benefit would probably be that even guests using your bathroom would clean your toilet after seeing this nifty little tool.

I also found a life sized cardboard cutout of W, and I wondered what could that be used for…

… immediately a new version of an old game came to mind, pin the brain on the moron. It would be played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a donkey we would use an ass (ok so that part would be the same) and instead of a tail we would have a cardboard cutout of a brain. The contestant is blindfolded and spun around, then tries to pin the brain on the correct part of the cutout. Like the original game, the player only wins if he or she pins the brain to the ass’s ass.

I’m sure this cutout has many fun uses, and if you have some ideas, I’d love to hear them.



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  1. I see those cardboard cut-outs a lot smaller, as decals attached to bowling pins! Gives a whole new meaning to the word “Strike”!

  2. Good one Archie, I like it.

  3. LOL!

    I’m with your friend I need something life-size in shape to drop in my toilet. Hmm – like maybe a Bush deodorizer to drop in my toilet?

    It has to float inside the waters of my commode?
    Because I want to shit or maybe piss all over him!
    Decisions decisions a girl just can’t decide.

  4. I want them ALL!

  5. […] products, Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush, shoe shine kit, shoes Back in April I wrote about George Bush Toilet Bowl cleaners and some other fun products.   In light of the recent shoe throwing incident it is only fitting […]

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