From Outside, the U.S. Looks like a Bunch of Crazies

April 20, 2008 at 3:15 am | Posted in Beliefs, bigotry, civil liberties, Current Events, government, hypocrisy, political, political commentary, Religion, social comment, terrorism, What if? | 5 Comments

I’m not big on defending religion, but hey, to each their own. I’m tired of hearing comments from those who believe the Islamic faith teaches its followers to become terrorists hell bent on destroying half the world as we know it. We are passing judgment on entire cultures about which we know nothing, based on what? We are spoon fed news containing only information the media and our government (which seem to be becoming one and the same) want us to know. What do we really know of individuals in predominately Islamic nations, their hopes, dreams, thoughts, their day to day lives? I’ve been acquainted with many people of Islamic faith and I never noticed any of them harboring a desire to kill, bomb, maim, or destroy anything or anybody.

Had I never met a Christian, would I believe they all touch their TV screens with one hand while writing a check with the other because some slick talking television minister promises, if they do this, to heal whatever affliction they may have? I’ve seen a couple of Christian broadcasts like this so it must be.

If I had never been to the United States and lived in the confines of my own far away culture, but saw sensational news from America this is how I might see our country: The U.S. is a nation with a power hungry, tyrannical dictator at the helm, who managed to steal two elections. A leader who routinely snubs his nose at his own laws and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own people and those of a country he invaded for reasons only he understands. A leader who in less than eight years turned a surplus into a national deficit of epic proportions.

The U.S. can be seen as a country with radical sects in conflict with each other. We have the KKK, Neo_Nazis, and other white supremest groups who think they are the only true Americans and any race or ethnicity other than Aryan is impure and should either be eliminated or “sent back where they belong” (not sure what their thinking on Native Americans would be). When one of these nut jobs manages to grab some time in front of a tv camera they invariably use the bible to defend their hateful positions. From my perspective in a faraway country should I base my opinion of Americans, the majority of which seem to be Christian, on those crazies who want to kill everyone who is not like them?

Then there are those crazy Mormons, who no one likes because they all live in Polygamist communities where the men have many wives, force little girls to have sex and bear children, and shun the outside world. We watch the news, we have seen the authorities taking them away on several occasions.

Remember the Oklahoma city bombing? We can thank our own home grown Christian terrorists for that one. School and college shootings are becoming routine, as well as mass murders in restaurants, banks, post offices, etc. Gangs of violent teenagers rule the streets, killing for shits and giggles. Frankly with all this I’d be afraid to travel to the states.

So I’m just saying maybe we should step back and take a good look at ourselves and how we might be seen before being so sure about what is going on elsewhere in the world.


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  1. By George I Think You’ve Got It! Religious folks don’t want to hear none of that, something much deeper is going THAN Senator Obama’s pastor said nasty.

    Hagee Parsley and the rest have never been crucified like this. Everyday those scum bags say the same very thing.

    Christian – Religious – Religion =’s a Free Pass to Hate. Nice post though!!!

  2. As one who lives outside the USA yet does live in a society which is heavily influenced, and is becoming a clone of, American values, habits and behaviours, I am becoming quite despairing of the future into which I have inadvertently launched my children.

    The Middle East and Africa are scary places because I do not understand their cultures. America is a scary place because I DO understand its culture!

  3. […] to become terrorists hell bent on destroying half the world as we know it. We are passing jud working moms miss and wish for CNN.comIf you’re a mom who not only has beautiful children but […]

  4. Well, Honji, I live inside America, and it looks pretty crazy from the inside, too!

    (But I still walk my dogs and meet plenty of nice, apparently non-crazy folks.)

    Nice post.

  5. Honestpoet, you make a good point.

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