Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…Travel at Your Own Risk!

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It seems flying is not as safe as we thought. In the past week we have learned that many planes haven’t been subjected to required inspections and are very likely not safe. Add to that peril, fellow passengers who may have slipped through security with undetected body piercings which apparently have some deleterious effect on flight. The recent incident with Mandi Hamlin has brought this latest danger to light when the TSA determined that her nipple rings may somehow jeopardize safety in the air.

I tend to be pretty even tempered, but I have absolutely no patience for stupidity, and stupidity does seem to be increasing exponentially. Perhaps it is a trickle trickle down effect from the head moron in the oval office. This poor woman was subjected to unnecessary humiliation and pain when she was forced to remove her nipple rings even though she had offered to show her breasts to a female screener, then frustrated, also offered to show a male officer. That should have been enough to assure the screeners that she wasn’t hiding some boobie bomb under her shirt. Nope! Not good enough she was forced to remove them and when they would not come out easily (the skin had grown around the jewelry) she had to use pliers.

I can draw two possible conclusions:

  1. Nipple rings are dangerous to airline travel.
  2. The TSA employees didn’t posses the sense of a slug.

Wonder which is correct?

This story is of special concern to me, because while I don’t have any piercings (except for my ears) I do however, have hardware in my ankle…a few pins after a nasty break. Now I’m fearing a scenario where I set off the metal detectors, and after being wanded my left foot starts looking mighty suspicious. It can’t be a shoe bomb because going through security wearing shoes has become a thing of the past. I am forced to bare my foot and when I explain I have pins holding my ankle together I’m told if I want to board the plane I will need to remove the pins. I’m handed a rusty pocket knife and forced to perform impromptu self surgery at the gate….

So far Ms. Hamlin is seeking an only apology. She should be seeking a boatload of money. I think had I been Ms. Hamlin, when handed the pliers I probably would have used them not to remove my nipple rings but as many teeth from the TSA screener’s mouth/s as I could manage before being wrestled to the ground and restrained.

I’m just saying.



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  1. I think you misunderstand what happened. The offending TSA mercenary has religious scruples. His minister preaches against the evils of piercings and tattoos. In biblical times, some Other religions used tattoos to indicate religious offices, so obviously good Christians can have none.

    Being a good Christian, the TSA booby was determined to *save* Ms. Hamlin. This incident was about morality (lack of, on the part of the TSA Agent, abusing his office to inflict his own religion on others), not air safety.

    Of course, the TSA misdeed was followed by truly scary negligence. The body fluids on the jewelry and pliers then constitued a credible biohazard. Anyone contacting the contaminated objects might catch anything Ms. Hamlin had. Suitable precautions were *not* taken, thus endangering Ms. Hamlin (the pliers weren’t demonstrably sterile, threatening Ms. Hamlin’s health), passengers following in line behind Ms Hamlin, whether they had to use the pliers or not, and the TSA agent and everyone he contacted following the incident.

    And you might want to read Mike Shepherd’s ‘Kris Longknife: Deserter’ and following novels in his science fiction series. Our heroine uses ‘booby bombs’ regularly to thwart dastardly opponents. Other than in over-use of this gimmick (it ‘works’ the first time or three, then gets trite), the books are pretty good, SF or not.

    I am not sure which I would prefer to see used against the TSA agent. A criminal charge of abuse of office and sexual misconduct would feel pretty satisfying. Maybe a charge of criminal negligence against whoever turned the bozo loose in a TSA position. A civil suit for money has the advantage of crippling the TSA budget – perhaps turning some unknown number of officious TSA religious zealots onto the streets. Better yet, send them to save the Iraqis. I would feel badly about turning them loose on homeless people or on people with regular residences.

  2. That was a nasty swipe at slugs.

    There are many good reasons why I fly only when all other options are exhausted. If God had intended people to fly, She wouldn’t have permitted the creation of fuel-efficient cars. 🙂

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