Judgment Day

March 12, 2008 at 7:47 am | Posted in I'm just saying, modern trends, rants, social comment | Leave a comment
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I bet you thought this was going to be about religion did you?  Fooled ya!

I don’t know whether or not anyone noticed, but due to circumstances beyond my control (and NO the rumors about me being on a  top secret mission are NOT true) this blog has been neglected these last few months.  I’m not sure when and/or if I will get back to my previous level of activity so you will just have to let the suspense eat away at you.

Back to “Judgment Day”.  When one makes an observation about another person, a situation, even a place someone will often accuse the commenter of being judgmental, like it is a bad thing.  Frankly I’m getting sick of hearing it.

YES, we judge.  If we (humans and animals alike) didn’t possess that ability we could not survive (or we’d all be like Bush…notice how I cleverly got a W dig in there).  You have to judge whether a person is likely to stick a knife in your back (literally or figuratively), a given situation is safe or comfortable, a business deal is wise, etc.

So will somebody please tell me when did judgment become a bad thing?


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