Do You See a Terrorist?

March 11, 2008 at 4:07 am | Posted in crooks & liars, Current Events, political, president, terrorism, war | 2 Comments

Are you buying into the Bush Crime Syndicate’s fear mongering.  Have you become so paranoid that you are seeing a terrorist behind every bush?  OR are you seeing a Bush behind every terrorist?



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  1. Umm. Aren’t you forgetting something? You can’t be famous for defeating terrorists if no one thinks there are terrorists around.

    Remember the McCarthy witch-hunts for the dreaded “Communists”. Completely contrived and made up, there were a couple of legitimately foreign saboteurs rounded up – and also a lot of innocent lives torn apart. But Senator Eugene McCarthy, now, he made out like a rave date with his media time and the way his committee terrorized citizens, businesses, etc.

    And another thing. President Bush has to contend with career bureaucrats. How would he get anything done if he irritated every government worker by actually shutting down a lucrative career path? You have to keep the realities in mind, here.

    But an interesting observation. Thanks!

  2. Oh My Goodness Gracious!! That looks just like the Bush I love to hate!

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