State of the Union – SNAFU

January 29, 2008 at 9:17 am | Posted in Bush, crooks & liars, Current Events, elections, government, political commentary, president, war | 1 Comment
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As I write this Dumbya is being introduced for what hopefully will be his last State of the Union Address.  Instead of the hour or so allotted for this speech all that is really needed is the time it takes to interrupt a program for a commercial break.  If Bush were to be truthful (I can’t believe I used Bush and truth in the same sentence) all that is really required is  for him to step up with his usual shit eating grin and say, “Well I’ve really fucked things up royally now haven’t I?”

He is the epitome of that old military acronym SNAFU, situation normal all fucked up.


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  1. State of the Union: “Georgy Boy” Edition

    Hey there, Georgy boy
    Wake up, Georgy boy
    Come on, Georgy boy
    Wake up, Georgy boy

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