It’s All About Counting

November 21, 2007 at 9:06 am | Posted in Bush, Current Events, elections, government, health care, humor, I'm just saying, political commentary | 1 Comment
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Today the UN announced there were fewer AIDS cases worldwide than previously thought.  The story said they now use a new method of counting.  I’m assuming they have adopted the same counting method that was used to count all non-republican votes in the last presidential election.


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  1. Honjii, is it true that the UN has adopted a version of the French counting system, “one, two, .. uh, Many!” so that ‘tres bien’ is not the ‘three times as good’ as I would translated the phrase, but “Many times good.”

    Only the UN goes, “My pocket, your pocket, now half of your pocket goes to mine, and repeat!”

    Actually, they decided that anyone with AIDS is dead, so they only need to count those that haven’t been diagnosed yet. This cuts down on the paper work, and doesn’t look as bad, unless some photographer/journal woosie stumbles across a bunch of those ‘walking dead’ that the UN stopped counting.

    And I *still* think the American government should invite the individual states of the northern tier of Mexican states to join the U.S. as territories/states, so we could start documenting all their people – that have slipped over here.

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