Buddhist Advice on Anger

November 17, 2007 at 9:01 am | Posted in animals, Beliefs, humor | 35 Comments
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  1. I like it its pretty funny

    • I’m buddhist and I thought that was HILARIOUS!!!!!

  2. fuck you bitch! that’s not funny! stop messing around with religion. it seems you are a christian huh.

    • Sincerely don’t believe you are buddhists. Buddha and all the Rinpoches that I have met have good sense of humor.

    • #firstworldproblems

  3. No, I’m an atheist, but I’d be willing to bet that hnfgjhn who doesn’t have the balls to use even the semblance of an identity IS a good ol’ bible thumping Christian.

  4. I’d have to say that anyone who uses language like that and hides from the results is neither a Christian nor a very well-balanced individual. Of course, I could be wrong.

  5. Certainly no Buddhist, anyway.

  6. It amuses me that others would lash out such as this, expecially being as it was a gentle joke and those that would generally take offense, the buddhist, would likely find this little picture funny as well.

    It is amazing how many people ‘defend’ the buddhist, when the buddhist generally find it somewhat amusing. That is the meaning of peace.

  7. Buddhist are also atheist

    • we just don’t concern ourselves to God. It is up to individual. The main agenda is how to get out of suffering. I am speaking for Vajrayan Buddhism.

      Thank you for listening.

  8. what a hilarious picture. so cute

  9. I’m a Buddhist and I think it’s funny. I don’t know many Buddhists who who be so uptight to take offense at this. It’s cute.

  10. Buddhism =/= Athiesm

    Do a wee bit of research, you’ll be surprised.

  11. im buddhist and its true there is no “god” in buddhism but unlike atheism buddhist believe in a greater meaning to life and believe there is something after we die as atheists dont believe in a meaning to life or an “afterlife” and btw i find the picture amusing

    • I am both Buddhist and atheist.
      I would disagree that (all) atheists don’t believe
      in any meaning to life. It depends on the atheist.
      I believe that life has whatever meaning you give it.

  12. Buddhists belief in in reincarnation specifacally to six different realms including hell, hungry ghost, and human

  13. is this real or photoshop edit?
    poor cat. did it die?

  14. The picture was sent to me. I suspect it is real, knowing with puppies and kittens this is entirely possible. I doubt the cat was injured.

  15. So cute! I’m buddhist too, and laughed a lot… Hey, guys… Let’s relax and have some fun, okay?

  16. i’m buddhist. and i think its super super cute. hey, the dalai lama cracks jokes too. humor is good u know…
    stop saying rude things to each other, esp hurling abuses, doesn’t make u a good christian/buddhist/atheist/hindu/muslim/human being … just makes u a very rude n badly brought up person! : D relax

  17. I laughed out loud. Now that’s Buddhist!

    • I got here tonight by looking for an answer to a question “when does anger work?” I’ve realized that perhaps it can but it must be in a respectful way. I am a First Nations woman living in Canada and I work with a not-for-profit legal organization as well as study Public Administration and Governance with a strong influence in Aboriginal issues.

      Thanks for all of the posts everyone. You’ve given me something to think about.


  18. Thats so funny! I’m not buddhist, I’m a christian. But i still think thats too cute! oh and by the way buddhist are not atheists.
    the correct def. of a atheism- rejection of belief of god or gods. buddha is considered a god.

    • Buddha did not consider himself a god, nor do most Buddhists consider him a god. According to Wikipedia there are some forms of Buddhists that have elevated Buddha to a godlike status.

      Buddha did not claim that he was a god, the child of a god or even the messenger from a god. He was a man who perfected himself and taught that if we follow his example, we could perfect ourselves also.

      • buddha did not perfect himself. no-one is perfect but Jesus Christ.

    • i’m a christian too, and i’m not saying buddhists aren’t religious people etc, but they are atheistic, as they don’t believe in a god. buddha is in no way a god, did not claim to be, and the vast majority of buddhists would not say he was a god.

      i don’t know how appropriate this is, and this is in no way connected to the picture (which is both funny and cute, and in no way offensive, i have to say), but the only way to heaven is through Jesus. there isn’t any other way. there is no lee-way. a good person cannot get there through good deeds. good deeds do not matter to Jesus or God. it is just your faith. it’s available for everyone, jews and gentiles, just check out Romans chapter 3 and 4, and you can see for yourselves that all you need is faith. the faith that God gave up his son to die for our sins, and that we repent and accept our forgiveness. it doesn’t matter how strong or weak your faith is, how many times you stumble and fall, so long as you have that fundamental belief, you are saved.

      whether you are buddhist, hindu, atheist, muslim, sikh, or anything else, it is not too late to change and accept this forgiveness. we’ve all sinned, and we all know it. just one little speck on our conscience. that takes us to hell. the only way to wipe away all our grime is to ask for Jesus to do it for us. he is like Mr Muscle on our toilet (not a great picture/representation there, but you get the general idea). he is the only person who can make us right with God.

      Accept this, or hell awaits.

      i really pray that you take notice of this. you never know. this could be your ONLY chance.

      • @George,

        but the only way to heaven is through Jesus. there isn’t any other way.

        Heaven and Hell are part of your Christian belief system. Many people, myself included, don’t happen to believe in a Heaven, Hell, or any sort of afterlife. Religion is basically superstition and you have every right to your beliefs, but please don’t preach them to me or other non-believers. As far as I’m concerned when we die we’re worm food. We have one life and we should make the most of it while we’re here because none of knows if the end is around the corner or years away, but when it’s over it’s over.

      • Belief is just what it is, a belief. Everyone has a right to believe what they want. Imposing belief is wrong, All 3 Abrahamic religions ALL think they have the only way to heaven. What you believe depends on where and what time in history you live in, and family teachings. If you happened to be born in Iran, you would 99% likely to be Muslim. To believe that people, merely by misfortune to have been born in a muslim country, to burn in a “hell” would be silly. I used to be a “born again” christian. I was for 25 years. I am now a buddhist, and now feel happier in my life than I have ever been. There are no temples where I live, being in the heart of protestant America, so I read all I can and listen to podcasts. Religion, all but one that I know of, is born of ego. That thinking that we are “special”, above all animals, some kind of gift to the earth and our god. The truth is, we, like every other species ever to live on earth, are here for a short time. We are not special, unless you classify delusion as special.

  19. Go to hell, idiot.
    Don’t insult to any religions. If you have free time touch your penis, but don’t do silly things like this.

    • I was going to delete your entire idiotic comment, but instead decided to delete the link you embedded in your name, Pin, to your porn site and leave your comment up so people can see what kind of pinheads are out there.

  20. Aww! What a poor kitty! I find it funny, but at the same time I feel so sorry for the cat. By the way, I’m an atheist, but I agree with many Buddhist ideas, and I think Buddha was still an extraordinary person.

  21. If a Buddhist were to get upset at this they would not be a Buddhist. I am a Buddhist.

  22. Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is accessible on

  23. life is great you are scared not because you are scared you are scared because you make your mind scared

    your mind is an amazing thing

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